Elon Musk's 'futuristic' public transport system blasted as 'slow cars under flashy lights'

ELON Musk's "futuristic" $55M Las Vegas public transit loop has been panned as "just humans driving cars slowly in a tunnel".

Plans had promised to whisk passengers in driverless Tesla vehicles at speeds of 155mph, turning a typically 15-minute-long walk into a two-minute ride.

But the reality seems to be far less exciting with the first look at Musk's public transportation system proving a letdown to those who traveled on it. 

It is a far cry from the futuristic vehicles zipping people too and fro beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center campus.

Instead, regular Tesla vehicles, being driven by humans through — an albeit colourful tunnel — at just 35mph.

And the reviews after it was unveiled to the media have been disappointing.

Tech and motoring site Jalopnik said: "Elon Musk's dumb Tesla tunnel now the lamest thing In Las Vegas!"

Reviewer Jason Torchinsky said: "It’s about as exciting as a sheet of unpainted drywall discarded in a closed office park.

"It’s just some Tesla Model 3s driving slowly in a tube.

"All this really is are some Teslas driving in tunnels lined with LED lights."

It’s about as exciting as a sheet of unpainted drywall discarded in a closed office park

Gizmodo wrote: "Elon Musk's 'Public Transit' in Las Vegas still just humans driving cars slowly in a tunnel."

CNET's Roadshow also concluded the tunnel was "lame".

In his review of the system, Sean Szymkowski wrote: "It seems like this project is quickly turning into Tesla cars driving people underground, rather than some sort of futuristic transport system. 

"Unfortunately, for now, it looks sort of disappointing.

"The tunneling remains the most impressive thing about the project, with both tunnels completely excavated this past May. 

"However, the rest of the process seems to boil down to a ride in a Model 3."

And this appears to be something Musk agrees with, for in October he tweeted: "We simplified this a lot. 

"It’s basically just Teslas in tunnels at this point, which is way more profound than it sounds."

Meanwhile, Twitter users were also far from impressed.

One wrote: "Vegas actually let Elon Musk make a less efficient subway system.

"They really let him make a subsidized Tesla advertisement."

Another wrote: "Watch Teslas slowly move through Elon Musk's new Boring Company tunnel under Las Vegas.  Cause it’s a crappy Disney Ride."

Costing $52.5 million, the Boring Construction Company has construced two one-way, 0.8-mile tunnels.

Three passenger stations connect the existing convention center campus to the 1.4 million square foot West Hall expansion. 

When completed, the system will allow for up to 4,400 convention attendees per hour to be whisked across the sprawling campus in just under two minutes. 

On foot, this would take about 25 minutes. 

Early plans showed vehicles carrying 16 people at once.

But for now, at least, it is just normal electric Model 3 and Model X Tesla cars providing the rides.

And the vehicles only travel at 35 to 40 mph because of the short distance of the tunnels rather than the 150mph.

Musk has also advocated for a futuristic underground tunnel system for trains, called the Hyperloop.

This would allow passenger capsules on Tesla-built chassis to hurtle through low-pressure tubes at high speeds.

He hopes to build such a system linking Washington and New York along the busy US Northeast corridor, as well as for Chicago and Los Angeles.

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