Ewe are obese! – Loneliest sheep Fiona ballooned to 14½st

Ewe are obese! – Loneliest sheep Fiona ballooned to 14½st and now faces crash diet

She somehow survived for two years alone on a beach at the foot of an isolated cliff.

But now a farmer looking after a ewe dubbed the UK’s loneliest sheep has revealed she needs to be put on a crash diet after gorging on an ‘all-you-can-eat buffet’ whilst living her solitary life.

Following her rescue the sheep, named Fiona, was moved to her new home at Dalscone Farm near Dumfries after spending two years stranded near Balintore, Easter Ross.

Heavy duty: Ewe Fiona has been described as ‘well fleshed’

The move had to be completed under the cover of darkness after animal rights protesters surrounded the farm, claiming the sheep was being ‘exploited’.

Ben Best, who runs the farm, said she has settled into her new home ‘really well’ after she was safely delivered by her rescue team. 

But Fiona’s time in isolation has taken its toll on her and Mr Best revealed the ewe is extremely overweight.

He said: ‘She weighs around 92kg (14½st) so she’s “well-fleshed”, that’s what us farmers would say. 

She’s had no competition for food so she’s had access to an all-you-can-eat buffet for two years.’

Mr Best said the ewe is eating and drinking well but her weight will have to be tackled soon.

She will be in a quiet pen to help acclimatise to her new life before being integrated into the flock.

Mr Best said: ‘She’s been living in a cave for two years so she’ll need some time. We want to slowly introduce her to new friends.’

Sheep shearer Cammy Wilson, one of the rescue team, said Fiona hasn’t seen the last of him as he will give her a regular trim.

Mr Wilson said: ‘I’ll see Fiona every year, and next year I’ll take a bit more off her and give her a smoother cut.’

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