Real-life Downtown Abbey set ‘so haunted by ghosts owner had to call priest in’

Downton Abbey is being haunted by eerie spirits.

Ghosts have been seen at Highclere Castle in Hampshire, where the period drama is filmed.

The paranormal activity has been so bad that owner Lady Carnarvon has drafted in a priest to exorcise the property.

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She said: “I’ve seen a ghost… actually quite early on. So I had the castle blessed.

“I thought it was helpful just to welcome people and then I asked that particular ghost to go on his way.

“I had an Anglican priest down from Westminster Abbey. He was really kind. I thought he was going to think I was a complete twit. But he did come down.

“He said if it didn’t work he’d come back with some bishops.”

Lady Carnarvon is living in fear another ghost will soon start to plague her home.

According to one theory, a spirit is due to return to the property any day now via a tree.

She said: “There is a ghost who was banished to the red sea through a yew tree 150 years ago.

“They banished him for 150 years, which I find slightly worrying in case his time is up. I’m hoping it is a metaphorical 150 years so he doesn’t come back. I do worry about that tree.”

Downton Abbey has been filmed at Highclere Castle since it first started in 2010.

All six TV series and both movies were shot there.

The Grade I listed property was built in 1679 and sits in a 5,000-acre estate.


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