Ex-Health Sec Jeremy Hunt catches Covid just days AFTER getting the vaccine

EX HEALTH secretary Jeremy Hunt has caught Covid just days after getting the vaccine.

The Tory MP revealed that having “ducked the cursed virus for over a year” he was pinged by test and trace on Tuesday letting him know he'd got it.

It came exactly a week after a delighted Mr Hunt tweeted a picture of himself, sleeves up, getting the jab.

Mr Hunt, 54, his wife and three kids all now must stay home and self isolate for 10 days.

Writing in his local paper, Mr Hunt said: “Well the Hunt children had been jumping up and down with the excitement of going back to school, with uniforms prepared and satchels packed when the totally unexpected happened… Dad got Covid.

“Having ducked the cursed virus for over a year, the dreaded news came through from NHS Test and Trace on Tuesday morning.”

He added: “So now ten days of isolation are in store for the Hunt family, which we are managing thanks to iPads, board games, Netflix and the great kindness of our neighbours.”

Mr Hunt had the Covid jab a week before he got infected.

While both the coronavirus vaccines are highly effective, they take over a week to kick in and protect the person.

Tweeting his delight at getting the vaccine last week, Mr Hunt said: “ Jab done! Thanks to Penny O’Hara and the brilliant volunteers at the RHS Hall including Shreya who actually vaccinated me.

“Brilliantly organised programme.”

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