Winter is coming. So, what could be better than the warm-and-cozy feeling of heated apparel? If that phrase looks like a typo, let us explain. Heated clothing is just what it sounds like — socks, pants, and coats internally wired with a perfectly safe element, generally powered by a small battery pack hidden within the clothing itself. Genius, right? These pieces can make a winter wonderland that much more delightful. Best of all, retailers are offering insane savings on heated clothing in this post-Black Friday haze. So strike while the iron (er… jacket?) is hot. These toasty treats likely won’t last.

Ororo Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket with Battery Pack

Going somewhere really cold? Consider upping your winter coat game with a game-changing heated jacket. This battery-powered beauty will warm you right up whether you’re hitting the slopes or running around town in wintry weather, and it’s $50 off right now.

The battery lasts for up to 10 hours and you can adjust the temperature with low, medium and high heating settings. It features a soft shell fabric exterior with inner fleece lining to keep the warmth in. One happy customer said it’s the perfect jacket: “No better investment into chilly fall and winter weather apparel had been made up to this point and unless I continue with the rest of this line of product, I don’t think anything else will meet the mark.”

Fernida Heated Pants

Perhaps the trickiest part of the body to keep warm in winter is the legs. You need to keep them mobile, not sausaged in, so often you end up having to choose between comfort and nimbleness. The answer? Fernida Heated Pants. “OMG, I can survive a long dog walk and don’t freeze when it’s 25 degrees F outside,” one five-star reviewer said. “I have always had a hard time with cold temperatures, so this was a God send for me.” Bonus? They double as a heating pad if you suffer from leg pain.

Loowoko Rechargeable Electric Heated Gloves

If you had these gloves, you wouldn’t mind shoveling the walk, digging out the car (it’s great functional exercise!) and building snowmen if the opportunity arose. Like magic, the amazing heated winners make winter fun. The well-designed pair confines the rechargeable battery pack to the cuff. The lining is absorbent, so your (warm) hands won’t get sweaty. “Very nice set of gloves. Exactly as advertised – warm, waterproof, windproof. In fact, I often find myself needing to take the gloves off while on the chairlift to keep my hands from sweating. They are easy to put on and take off,” a five-star reviewer said.

Sun Will Heated Socks

Winter ends up being all about the feet, doesn’t it? No matter how many layers of socks you wear, the cold seems to make it through, so your little piggies are crying all the way home. Not anymore. Charge up these heated socks, and they’ll last for up to 6.5 hours on low, or two hours on high. Heated socks seem like they should be a winter norm—like hot chocolate and movie marathons—and this pair gets great feedback online. One five-star reviewer boiled it down, with this succinct rave: “Very thick warm socks. Heat very fast, love the different heat levels. Easy to use. Great quality. Worth the money! Get my feet warm!!”

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