Fury as library shows signs by pro-trans group who heckled JK Rowling

Feminist fury after Glasgow Women’s Library displays pro-trans placards from activist group who heckled JK Rowling at women’s rights conference

Feminists are in uproar after a library displayed pro-trans placards from an activist group which heckled JK Rowling during a women’s rights conference. 

Glasgow Women’s Library has been blasted for showing off the inflammatory posters, which allegedly include signs from Cabaret Against The Hate Speech. 

The group sparked outrage after staging a protest outside the the FiLiA conference in Glasgow in October, hosted by Harry Potter author Rowling, with activists holding boards reading ‘keep TERFs out’ while chanting ‘trans women are women’.

On Saturday, the library – which boasts of ‘supporting thousands of women across Scotland every year’ online – displayed placards, including ‘trans women are women’, ‘trans people make Glasgow’ and ‘trans rights are women’s rights’.

But the display, which is part of the venue’s 16 Days of Activism exhibition, ignited fury online from feminists, who are now demanding women boycott the Landressy Street institution.  

Signs on display at the Glasgow Women’s Library have sparked outrage from feminists 

Some of the placards were allegedly used by a pro-trans group that heckled JK Rowling and other women’s rights campaigners during a conference in Glasgow last month

JK Rowling was hosting the FiLiA conference in October when activists staged a protest holding signs saying ‘keep TERFs out’

Lashing out on X, formerly Twitter, one critic raged: ‘I cancelled my membership. I’ve been a member for years but I cannot condone this. It’s scandalous. And we marched for the suffragettes in 2018. I’m shocked, disgusted and downright appalled. Cancel their funding.’ 

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In a video one person said the library was for ‘women only’ and blasted the site for giving out a ‘free pass’ to transwomen, adding: ‘Tell me, where’s the justice in that? So bye bye women’s library, you don’t have me as a member anymore. I have cancelled my membership, cancelled my donation. You’re all absolutely disgraceful.

‘Honestly, I hope other people like me pull their donations and watch you go under. You do not deserve to be here.’

A third furious feminist on X tweeted: ‘The Glasgow Women’s Library is now The Glasgow Trans Library,’ before adding: ‘They’ve lost all sense of being and completely forgotten why they were founded.’

While a fourth person wrote: ‘It makes me feel a deep disappointment and anger that a women’s library in Glasgow would do this. I love libraries, books, women, and Glasgow and yet here is something I have come to despise. Awful.’

About 70 activists from Cabaret Against The Hate Speech and the Glasgow Trans Rally had attempted to shutdown the three-day event 

Anonymous organisers behind the Glasgow Trans Rally had attempted to shut down the three-day FiLiA conference, which features people from around the world to discuss topics including female genital mutilation.

Glasgow Women’s Library has come under fire for its display over the weekend 

People blasted the library online for the display 

The library previously tweeted this as part of the ‘Trans Day of Remembrance’ 

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The venue Platform cancelled the event 12 hours before it was due to start amid a backlash online. But solicitors citing the Equality Act were able to reverse that decision. 

Protesters heckled attendees as they arrived at the venue, with protesters holding up signs saying ‘keep TERFS out of Glasgow and ‘transphobia kills and hurts all women’.

The term ‘TERF’ is used to describe people whose views on gender identity are seen as hostile towards transgender people. 

JK Rowling. an outspoken critic of the trans movement and who said she would ‘happily do two years in jail’ if it was made a hate crime to call someone by wrong pronouns – has previously faced online pile-ons from activists for her views. 

Speaking at the conference, the world famous author insisted she was prepared to ‘take the hit’ from campaign groups.

‘I will always be able to feed my family… I’ve looked around and realised that it has to be someone who can take the hit. And it has to be me. I can afford it,’ Rowling said. 

She added: ‘This has never been about trans rights. This is about women’s rights and activists’ demands to dismantle those rights. 

The protesters gathered outside the event with signs saying ‘no feminism without trans women’

The author and other attendees at a conference in Glasgow were barracked by trans activists. Pictured: Rowling aimed her ire at one particular male protester, labelling him a ‘p****’

‘I have nothing but profound sympathy for trans women who have experienced male violence. I want trans people to be safe. I just don’t want women and girls to be any less safe.’

As well as speaking at the event, Rowling also slammed protesters online, calling one of them a ‘p***k’. 

Using footage of one of Cabaret’s members singing along to Lily Allen’s song ‘F*** You’ as part of the protest, Rowling tweeted: ‘Inside the venue: women from 35 different countries discuss their sex-based issues and concerns, including the harassment and intimidation they face from men. 

‘Outside the venue, this p***k.’ 

MailOnline has approached Glasgow Women’s Library for comment. 

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