German shepherd puppy wakes up owner every day with ‘very vocal’ barking routine

An excited German shepherd puppy has left viewers smitten on Reddit with his "very vocal" way of letting his owner know he wants attention.

In a video, uploaded by user u/AstroRhythm_, the young dog is sitting next to the bed and barking non-stop.

The puppy, staring intently towards the camera, whines and also mimes barking in the affectionate display as he begs to play and have fun with his owner.

His owner wrote in the caption: "My 8-month-old boy has been extremely vocal the last couple of weeks.

"This has been my daily wake-up call in that span."

Since it was uploaded on Tuesday (September 21) the video has melted hearts and lots of people suggested what might be behind the dog's frantic little yaps.

One person said: "My pup always yells at me if I don’t let her nibble on my hands when she’s excited.

"I wear her out outside and she recovers from the heavy exercise in like 10 minutes and wants to play some more and that’s when she gets my hands or tried."

Someone else gushed: "There's something about dogs doing the little air barks and hearing their teeth clack that I just absolutely love.

"My chihuahua started doing it a while ago."

Another user suggested training the dog to bark on command and wrote: "I would use this to add the speak cue.

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"As soon as he knows the speak command will also be easier to tell him to stop barking."

This comes after a "cute" German shepherd was filmed stalking her golden retriever best friend like she was a cat.

Cleo the dog seemed to believe she was invisible to her pal when she hunkered down against the grass on her belly in the funny footage.

An excited commenter wrote: "That German Shepherd is stalking him like a cat, omg how cute."

Someone else added: "I think that’s a cat in German Shepherd disguise."

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