Great grandmother handed £50 Asda voucher after her home burnt down

Family’s fury as great grandmother, 68, is handed £50 Asda voucher from housing association after her council flat was destroyed in blaze

  • Agnis Asumadu-Sakyi’s, 68, East London council flat was destroyed in a blaze
  • The great-grandmother was shocked to receive only a voucher as compensation

A family were furious to find their great grandmother was handed a £50 Asda voucher from the housing association after her council flat was destroyed in blaze.

Agnis Asumadu-Sakyi, 68, was devastated to find that not only was her council flat burned down, but that she was to be sent only a £50 Asda voucher as compensation.

The fire was thought to have been caused by a cigarette carelessly discarded on a shared balcony outside the flat Agnis had called home for the last 27 years.

It took more than 70 firefighters to tackle the blaze which destroyed her ninth-floor flat in Bow, East London, on January 14.

 Agnis Asumadu-Sakyi, 68, miraculously survived after her home of 27 years was destroyed when a careless smoker threw their cigarette onto her balcony

Agnis watched on helplessly as the home where she raised her children went up in an inferno.

After reaching out for support, the great-grandmother received the gift card from her housing association, despite the fact that the top executive takes home £233,000 a year.

The 68-year-old is now living with her daughter, Chelsea Cambell, following the disaster.  

Chelsea, 36, said the paltry supermarket voucher only made things worse for her mother who had already suffered a great deal.

She told The Mirror: ‘They should be doing something more to help. No one’s even come to see her face to face. It’s been so shocking.’

Agnis was initially put up in a hotel by her housing association, however, she moved in with Chelsea at her home in London while she recovers from an illness she believes has been brought on by stress.

The Sainsbury’s worker was also offered a replacement flat, but the offer was rejected as a result of local antisocial behaviour and the distance from her family.

In response to the situation, housing association Poplar HARCA said: ‘We have provided Mrs Asumadu-Sakyi with hotel accommodation until a suitable new home is available.’

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