‘Green’ 270ft superyacht dubbed ‘Dune’ that runs on wind and solar power with enough room for nightclub unveiled | The Sun

AN UBER green 270ft super yacht run on wind and solar power with enough room for a nightclub on board has been unveiled.

The state of the art boat is only in the concept stage at the moment so the price is unknown, however it is expected to sell for megabucks.

It is designed by Netherlands-based yacht builder Feadship, who have been in the business for 74 years.

Dubbed "Dune", the vessel will run off wind and solar energy to reduce emissions and be climate friendly.

The luxury vessel will feature overhangs to shade windows and reduce the energy required for cooling.

In an eco-conscious move, it also plans on getting rid of wooden teak decking.



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These will be replaced with lavish flooring made of millions of tiny glass or stone chips – which will be sealed in a transparent coating to protect it from damage.

The engine room will be pushed towards the front of the ship – so guests can sleep just a stones throw away from the impressive pool deck, dining area and spa.

It will also have private deck as well as a pavilion deck that offer incredible views of whichever corner of the world the ships parked in.

The pavilion deck will be surrounded by glass and will have a luxury Jacuzzi zone as well as an informal dining and conversation area.

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This can be designed to fit a nightclub if the buyer fancies a boogie.

The curved vessel will also feature a curved staircase that will lead up to the yacht’s striking 10-metre mast.

There are not one, but two small pools planned as well as an entertainment area for guests onboard to kick back and relax.

The plans aim to reduce up to 95 per cent of the potential negative environmental factors associated with operating a super yacht.

This figure is compared to a yacht meeting the current minimum environmental regulations.

The pavilion is intelligently designed to be cooled using air drawn up the central staircase from other parts of the ship to reduce energy.

Onboard power is planned to be generated from solid oxide fuel cells that use green methanol as a reaction agent.

The price of the yacht is yet to be released but it is likely to be aimed at wealthy individuals.



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The swanky ship was showcased at the Monaco boat show 2023, where luxury yachts have sold for eye watering amounts.

Pop star Elton John owns a yacht reportedly worth more than £20 million, and Leonardo DiCaprio boasts a boat worth a shocking £150 million.

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