Greggs Christmas menu – how much has YOUR favourite treat gone up by?

Greggs hikes price of its festive bake by 15p to £1.95 as the bakery chain reveals its new Christmas menu – how much has YOUR favourite treat gone up by?

  • Greggs has increased the prices of its popular Christmas menu treats this year

Greggs has announced its new Christmas menu for this year – but the bakery chain has increased the prices for some treats.

The chain’s popular Festive bake has made a return from last year, along with the traditional mince pies and Christmas Lunch soup.

Fans of the hot drinks won’t be disappointed either, with the Mint Hot Chocolate and Salted Caramel Latte making a comeback on the menu.

But those dropping by to buy these treats might notice that many of them have increased in price, with the Festive bake increasing by 15p from last year.

Other returning items like Mince pies have also become more expensive, with a six-pack increasing in cost by 20p this season.

Pictured: a graphic showing how much each item has risen in cost since last year

The Festive Bake (pictured) contents are wrapped in a sage and cranberry sauce

In 2022, the Festive bake – one of Greggs’ signature seasonal treats, cost £1.80 but now it sells for £1.95 – an increase of 15p.

The bake contains pieces of chicken breast, bacon, and sage and onion stuffing, in a sage and cranberry sauce. 

Greggs also sells a vegan option, which cost the same as the non-vegan bake last year, but it isn’t yet known what the price is in 2023.

But the price of the vegan turkey-free and stuffing baguette  has been published – selling for £3.70 this year.

This is up 20p from last year, when it cost £3.50.

The ‘classic Boxing Day turkey sandwich’  is a baguette with sage and onion flavoured vegan goujons, topped with cranberry and red onion relish and onion gravy.

The Christmas Lunch soup is the only item to go down in price – costing 10p less.

Described as ‘a bit of an unsung hero’  by Greggs, the chain advertises it as ‘perfect for chilly days’, costing £2.20 this season.

The unique Christmas Lunch Soup (pictured) contains a medley of Christmas dinner classics

Pictured: The Vegan Turkey-Free and Stuffing Festive Baguette

The Mint Mocha, Mint Hot Chocolate, Salted Caramel Latte all cost £2.40 this year

The soup includes diced smoked bacon, pork sausage, tasty chicken, turkey, sage and onion stuffing blended with a mix of seasonal herbs and spices.

Meanwhile, the traditional mince pies can be bought in a six-pack for £2.15 – but was sold for £1.95 last year.

For fans of the bakery chain’s hot drinks, the Mint Mocha, Mint Hot Chocolate, and Salted Caramel Latte will all cost £2.40 – an increase of 10p from 2022.

New items added to the menu include the Spicy Vegetable Curry Bake and Christmas Lunch Baguette.

The Spicy Vegetable Curry Bake sells for £1.95 individually or £3.20 as a meal and is made with mixed vegetables, chickpeas and rice with chillies, all combined with curry sauce.

Meanwhile, the Christmas Lunch Baguette is filled with chicken breast and sage and onion stuffing, with onion gravy, sweetcure bacon, finished with a cranberry and onion relish – selling for £3.70.

There will also be the new Chocolate Orange Muffin for £1.40, the Orange Hot Chocolate for £2.40 and the Orange Mocha, also selling at £2.40.

Greggs isn’t the only chain to hike the prices of festive treats this year, with Wetherspoons increasing the price of a Christmas dinner by 13 per cent.

Featuring on the Christmas plate is turkey breast, pork, apricot and cranberry stuffing, roasted chantenay carrots and parsnips, maris piper mash, two pigs-in-blankets, peas, cranberry sauce and gravy.

This year, the Christmas dinner will set pub-goers back £12.05 with a soft drink or £13.52 with an alcoholic beverage. Just 12 months ago, the Christmas dinner was £10.69 with a soft drink, or £11.99 with a glass of bubbly.

That means it has gone up sharply by almost 13 per cent with or without alcohol for exactly the same meal.

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