Hilarious moment DIY enthusiast had to climb through car WINDOW after blocking door with fence panels

THIS is the hilarious moment a feckless DIYer tried to climb through the window of his car – after blocking the driver's door with fence panels.

The mystery motorist lashed the wooden fencing to the roof of his Ford Focus but quickly realised his access was obstructed.

Unwilling to take them off and start again he decided his only option was to crawl through the driver's side window.

After a couple of aborted attempts the burly driver managed to tumble through and start the car.

The blunder was spotted outside a branch of B&M in Grangetown, near Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire and captured on video by Baz Caney.

Baz said: "Whoever they were, I want to say cheers for the giggle."

Another onlooker said: "They had been working for a while to secure what looked like five fence panels to the roof of the Focus.

"They did a pretty good job as they seemed secure, even if they overhung the sides of the car by quite a bit.

"It was only when he tried to get in that he realised he couldn't open the door, it opened a couple of inches but wouldn't go any further.

"The driver was a big lad in a tracksuit so it was never going to be easy to crawl into the car, but watching him try was hilarious.

"He had a go himself at first and ended up straddling the door unable to move. 

"Then the woman he was with came over to give him a hand, but that didn't work either – all they achieved was knocking the windscreen wipers on.

"They had another mate with them who was no use because he was doubled up with laughter.

"Eventually the driver managed to get in headfirst and lever himself into the driver seat bit by bit.

"I hope they got home safe because getting into the car was like an old slapstick movie."

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