THIS is the hilarious moment a furious man jumps in the path of a combine harvester claiming it ruined his family picnic.

In the extraordinary clip the trespasser can be seen standing in a wheat field getting harvested.

Without batting an eyelid at the thought of being churned up, he stands arms crossed in the path of the monster farm machinery as it hurtles towards him.

Video filmed by Twitter user Berkshire Farm Girl shows her and her mum race to the scene in their pickup truck after reports of a man amongst the crop.

As they approach, the mum can be heard communicating with a farm worker as they desperately hunt down the man.

She then shouts "oh my god" as a figure – in a red t-shirt and shorts – can be seen facing off against the combine harvester, which can weigh up to 100 tonnes.


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"Hello, could you just come over a minute?", she shouts to the man.

He ignores her, so the mum gets out.

The man then storms around the front of the combine and an accompanying tractor & trailer to confront the mum.

He screams: "We are just having a family meal and he sprayed our table twice!"

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The woman hits back but is not clear what she says.

But the raging bloke loses it as he can be heard crying: "I don't care what your name is!"

The video then cuts to a dramatic end.

Explaining the crop of bother the farming family got into, the daughter said the man stormed the field twice after his "sandwich was covered in dust" as they harvested on Saturday.

Taking to Twitter to relay the events, the Berkshire-based farmer said: "Yesterday we had an angry member of the public jump out in front of the combine around the headland because his sandwich was covered in dust.

"He then came out again and stood in front of the combine. He was so lucky not to have been hit by a vehicle.

"Thanks mum for de-escalation."

It is not clear where the man was enjoying his picnic when his family got a generous dusting from the combine.

The clip sparked dozens to flood the comments section to share their thoughts.

And one joked: "What's his sandwich made from?"

A rural fella added: "Townie against country folk, I would suggest a quick return to the town is called for."

While a third chimed it's a good thing the trespasser didn't come up against Sun columnist and farmer Jeremy Clarkson.

"I suspect the response may have been different. Our farmers should have everyone’s support", the user noted.

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