Hilarious moment hungry hound snatches a slice of cake

Hilarious moment hungry hound dives in and snatches slice of cake at his birthday party

  • Hilarious clip shows pampered pooch Simon snatching slice of his birthday cake
  • It was made by owner Kiyomi to celebrate her six dogs turning a year old
  • The 30-second clip of the pooch party was filmed in Brooklyn, New York 

One hungry dog simply couldn’t wait to be fed his birthday cake.

Hilarious footage shows pampered pooch Simon leaping up to snatch a slice of cake before it is presented to him on the ground in Brooklyn, New York.

Loving owner Kiyomi Dong, 32, had made the peanut butter, pumpkin puree, applesauce and dog biscuit treat to celebrate Simon and his five siblings Cali, Waffles, Pino, Penelope and Uno turning a year old.

This is the adorable moment pampered pooch Simon leaps up and grabs a slice of cake at his first birthday party in Brooklyn, New York

The 30-second clip shows Kiyomi carefully cutting a slice of dog cake as one of the pups looks on, before placing it on a plate.

Then, as she is preparing to lower it to the ground, Simon jumps up and grabs the slice in his jaws.

A woman in a brown coat then grabs the naughty dog, who is wearing a blue polka dot coat, and puts him on the floor as he munches on the well-earned prize. 

Kiyomi is then seen happily observing her dogs as they all munch on cake that has been laid out on plates.

She is helped out by passersby who are interested in the pooch party.

The cake was meant to be shared between Simon and his five siblings to celebrate them all turning a year old. Each pooch was served with a plate by loving owner Kiyomi Dong

‘All the dogs had been trying to get licks of the frosting or steal a biscuit throughout the party, so when it was officially time to cut the cake they all went a bit wild’, Kiyomi told Storytrender.

‘I was so focused on plating each slice that I didn’t even see Simon coming in for the steal!

‘While the rest of the dogs spent the party chasing each other and playing, Simon was busy stalking the refreshments table.

‘He managed to steal quite a few puppy cookies throughout the day but his biggest heist was definitely stealing his piece of puppy cake before it even fully hit the plate.’ 

The footage was taken on November 10. 

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