Housing developer cancelled building the rest of our estate

The ‘nightmare’ wasteland next door! Housing developer cancelled building the rest of our estate… turning vacant plot into magnet for fly-tippers and hippy crack hooligans who invade the back gardens of our £200K homes

  • EXCLUSIVE:  New homeowners have overlooked a fly tipping site for four years

Residents on an abandoned new development have told of their never-ending ‘nightmare’ after being left with a derelict wasteland plagued by yobs and rats outside their dream homes.

Homeowners on Brookdale Mews in Failsworth say have been left with the ‘eyesore’ after a housing developer abandoned the rest of the project leaving them with a fenced off area outside their homes where six more houses should have been built. 

They claim that in the four years since it has lay derelict, the cordoned-off area has become a magnet for fly-tipping and drug taking.

When MailOnline visits the gloomy estate, a soiled mattress, bags of waste, a sink hole and bottles can be seen on the rough ground.

There are also empty cannisters of now outlawed laughing gas lying by the fence – an indicator of the antisocial behavior that has also seen young children invade a family’s garden to use their trampoline.

Residents on an abandoned new development have told of their never-ending ‘nightmare’

They have been left with a derelict wasteland plagued by yobs and rats outside their dream homes

A soiled mattress, bags of waste, a sink hole and bottles  have been dumped on the ground

Mother-of-three Jessica Knowles, 33, says the situation is getting too much to take 

For mother-of-three Jessica Knowles, 33, the situation is all getting too much to take. 

 She told MailOnline: ‘Our dream home has turned into a nightmare.

‘We thought it would be a great place to live with a big house at an affordable price.

The NHS midwife bought the four-bed home in 2019 for £200,000 with husband car parts salesman Liam.

There were ten houses built when they moved in but building work on the other six stalled.

Jessica said: ‘There was a security man living in a caravan but he went one day.

‘The caravan was trashed and it was fenced off and since then it’s been shocking.

‘Kids climb in and throw stones. We have complained to the council but they just say it’s private land and they can’t do anything.

‘But it’s not secure, like they claim with people climbing in and out. It’s not safe as there is a big sink hole.

‘We think the developer has run out of money and has just fenced it off.

‘I do worry about my children’s safety with the anti-social problems.

‘I fear this is it now, and we’ll just have to live with it.’

Initially there were ten houses built before building work on the other six stalled

The eyesore has attracted fly tipping and anti-social behaviour in the four years its been left

Disgruntled residents have urgently sought clarification on what will happen to the area

Liam, 38, said: ‘People use it as place to do rubbish.

‘We see them fly-tipping. A mattress was thrown in and we’ve had rats everywhere.

‘It’s shocking.’

Developers firm Galleria Homes were to transform the area where former boozer Brookdale Pub stood.

However, the development is said to have stalled over a dispute between the landowner and the water company over the cost of an underground pipe.

Speculating on the circumstances behind their predicament, fellow resident and hairdresser Billie Tyner, 29, said: ‘One neighbour recently told me the former landlord was told it would take £100,000 to replace the pipe under the pub as it flooded his cellar.

‘That’s why he got out and so that’s why the building has stopped now.

‘It’s a shocking eyesore. You see people trespassing and laughing gas cannisters just thrown everywhere.

‘It needs sorting as my young son plays near it.

‘It’s a terrible mess.’

It’s rumoured faulty pipes underneath the ground have blocked development 

Billie Tyner and Alex Gregory desperately want clarification on what will happen next 

And with a lack of answers, residents like  financial advisor Alex Gregory, 42, who bought his house three years ago, have started to suspect they’ve been given a raw deal. 

He said: ‘It’s very frustrating that we have to live next door to this eyesore.

‘This is not what we signed up for.

‘It’s a great house at an affordable price but it has turned into this nightmare which we can’t seem to get out of.

‘Everyone is fed up of the mess.’

Developer Maz Choudhury claimed he had been quoted £250,000 to sort the underground pipe.

He said: ‘This is obviously beyond me but I hope to sort something with the council – maybe a grant

‘But at the moment, I’m stuck.

‘I do understand the pain of the residents. If I lived there I would not watch to wake up and see a boarded up area.

‘But I have made it secure. I hope to be able to sort the problem out soon ‘

MailOnline has approached Oldham Borough Council for more information.  

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