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WHEN Rich Gaspari began working as a manager at a gym in California, he had no idea within a few years he would be one of the biggest names in bodybuilding.

The bodybuilding champion had humble beginnings, and revealed what kickstarted his career in a recent Instagram post.


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In his caption, Rich recalled a day in 1984 that changed his life.

He said: "I was working as a manager of the Gold's Gym in Reseda and since the gym was close to the Weider office, they did many photo shoots at the gym with many current champions.

"Well, one of those days, Flex magazine had a photoshoot with Cory Everson and Andreas Cahling and needed an extra in the background."

The photo got him noticed by legend Joe Weider, as Rich began competing for Nationals.


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Rich went on to win multiple national titles, second place at Mr Olympia three times in a row, and the Arnold Classic in 1989.

But the secret to his success lies in a mantra he uses, inspired by his father's advice.

Richard told Bodybuilding.com: "My dad always told me, 'Whatever you do, do your best at what you are doing.'

"So, when it came to bodybuilding, I always wanted to prove to him that I was going to be the best. I had a desire and a will to be the best bodybuilder."

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Rich stuck to a strict diet and workout regime, which has clearly paid off.

The bodybuilder is still pumping iron at age 59, and doesn't seem to be slowing down.

He often shares tips and tricks on his Instagram about calorie consumption, the best workouts and advice.

One fan said: "Rich, you were one of the best during the greatest era in the history of body building.

"The fact that classic physique is the most popular now just goes to prove it because basically they're just trying to look like you guys."

Another commented: "Rich, you are the f*****g king of what bodybuilding really used to be."

Another legendary bodybuilder has revealed his 10 rules for "never-ending growth".

Jay Cutler's rules "maximise physical potential" and have been praised by other bodybuilders.

A former Mr America, Robby Robinson, revealed his own secrets to achieving a dream body.

At 76-years-old the former professional bodybuilder is still the most ripped person in his gym and has let fans in on his top tips.

Robinson started pumping iron at Venice Beach’s Gold’s Gym in 1975 and went on to have an illustrious bodybuilding career.

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He said: "Think about how hard you have to work to build a strong muscular body at 76 years.

"Healthy eating, hard, hard consistent work and the love for training are my secrets."

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