I woke up from coma to find both my arms and legs had been amputated after mosquito bite on holiday of a lifetime | The Sun

A BRIT has told how she awoke from a coma with no arms or legs after being bitten by a mosquito on holiday.

Tatiana Timon, from Camberwell, South London, went on her dream trip to Angola as part of a dance troop, but her health started to unravel when she touched back down in the UK.

She spent ten days in the South African nation before flying home and within days became extremely weak .

Tatiana, 35, was rushed to hospital where doctors confirmed she had contracted a deadly form of malaria.

While abroad in May 2022, she had been bitten by a mosquito but hadn't followed her GP's advice to take antimalarials.

Her condition quickly worsened and medics were forced to put Tatiana in an induced coma after she developed sepsis.

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She told MyLondon: "All of my friends and family were worried because the doctor was telling them that I was going to die, like I was about to die three times."

To stop the blood poisoning spreading to her vital organs, doctors took the decision to amputate her four limbs.

Tatiana added: "When I woke up from the coma I knew, I saw that I was in hospital, and I knew something had happened to me.

"By at that time I didn't know how bad it was, like I just knew something had happened."

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Tatiana is now on a mission to become totally independent and has prosthetic arms and legs.

She shares updates on her Instagram page and vows to remain positive.

Tatiana wrote on one post: "Now even without limbs I know that I will go back to the gym.

"I am determined to go back to being my healthy self, mentally and physically."

Tatiana is fundraising in the hope of buying new prosthetics, which can cost up to £160,000.

She added: "A negative thing I can turn into a positive thing to make my life easier because I don't like to stress.

"It happened, so I need to deal with it."

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