I'm a tattoo artist – I gave client the WRONG design and didn’t realise until I’d finished, I felt terrible | The Sun

A TATTOO artist gave her client the wrong design by mistake and didn't realise until it was over.

Sydney Mulvaney shared her epic fail on TikTok and said she felt horrible about it all.

Sydney said her client had waited four months to get the tattoo on her thigh.

But instead of a woman's face with a blue flower – one of two sketches Sydney advertised online – she was given a slightly different image with pink flowers.

"Months later at our appointment neither of us realized it was the wrong design until she asked me why I didn't do the beads," a caption on Sydney's video read.

"At that point the tattoo was finished."

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Thankfully, her client was chilled about it all and even thanked her in a message.

"Seriously don't feel bad! I get it," the text read. "I am not even a little upset! I love it!"

She even booked in a second appointment to get the tattoo she had initially wanted alongside the other one.

TikTok users were in two minds about who should pay for the mix-up.

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One said: "Mad respect for being honest but she should get the second one for free."

Others questioned why the client hadn't noticed earlier and blamed her for the fail.

A viewer said: "I mean why didn't she say anything while she was getting it stencilled on her? Everyone's blaming the artist but its her fault too for not speaking up."

And another tattoo artist said: "Do y'all not have to approve designs before they're put on you?

"I literally have to sign my sketch before I start the apt."

Sydney vowed to make another video when the correct design is inked on.

It comes after a woman who wanted a tattoo to remember her late brother was given one that was not safe for work.

The mother of three, named Chells, revealed online she wanted both his thumbprints positioned in the shape of a heart.

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The ink is located on the back of her arm, so when she holds it up to show people, the tattoo is turned upside down -making it look like a scrotum.

Luckily, Chells doesn't seem too worried about the rude-looking tattoo and jokes about it on her social media page.

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