Inside eerie abandoned Victorian mansion left to rot – with room mysteriously stacked high with unopened Amazon boxes | The Sun

AN URBAN explorer has revealed the moment he discovered a "really dangerous" old Victorian mansion.

The creepy property was filled with unopened amazon packages and retro arcade games.

Dave, known as Freaktography, discovered the deserted home after finding it online and deciding to visit the site in person.

Originally built in the 1860s by a cabinet maker, only the highest quality material had been used, with the house containing oak and chestnut doors throughout.

Sharing the video on YouTube, he gained 3,400 views from his interesting find.

“It’s a beautiful home from the outside, but it’s not good inside,” Dave told

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“The place is actually really dangerous, there was a full-on collapse of the ceiling from the roof to the attic, to the second floor, to the bottom, to the basement.

“Inside I found a load of Amazon packages and games, they clearly tried to put tarps up but it obviously didn't work.

“I found a Jurassic Park 3 video game – another one I couldn't work out… and another packaged up.

“There is a lot of water damage in the corners of the house.

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“It would have been a beautiful home before the damage, that is clear to see.”

Featured in the 1994 book ‘America’s Painted Ladies’, the history of the property is believed to be linked to the underground railroad.

It is said that there is a hidden room located off the dining room, which was used as a stop for transporting slaves to freedom.

Outside, the Second Empire Victorian home is painted completely pink, with ivy growing up the walls and stunning architecture.

Sadly, the stunning exterior is not reflected inside.

Travelling inside, Dave noticed the collapsed ceiling, along with rooms in varying states of decay, with rotting walls, dirty floors, and overgrown ivy falling through windows.

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Upon walking into another room, he found tonnes of unopened Amazon boxes, as well as arcade-style video games.

In the clip, he shows the beautiful oak wood doors which were left behind.

He then enters the empty kitchen filled with broken cupboards, fallen rubble and collapsing ceilings.

Dave then climbs two flights of stairs, which lead to the attic, where he finds the roof has completely caved in.

The video gained 332 likes and comments from interested fans.

Amelia said: “Why do they let beautiful homes like this with important history just fall apart. This is part of our countries history.”

Steve commented: “This is extremely sad! Such a beautiful home with so much history. Dave you do such a wonderful job exploring! Love everyone of your videos!”

Sue wrote: “What a beautiful and historic home. So sad it’s just been left to decay. Thanks for the history on this beauty!”

“It has been a beautiful home. I love the doors. They're quite unique. Good one despite the deterioration,” added Jean.

“Amazed by all the games and Amazon boxes,” said Debbie

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