Inside 'sex slave's torture room where she was raped countless times

Inside ‘sex slave’s cockroach-infested torture chamber where she was raped thousands of times over 14 years and kept tied up in crucifix position by Russian captor before eventually escaping aged 33’

  •  The twisted Russian man allegedly kept Ekaterina Belyankina, now 33, in his home for 14 years

Horrifying new footage has revealed the interior of a dungeon a ‘sex slave’ was allegedly kept by a twisted Russian man who repeatedly raped her for 14 years.

Vladimir Cheskidov, 51, has been held in custody by a judge after he was accused of raping Ekaterina Belyankina, now 33, thousands of times after kidnapping her when she was just 19, and keeping her in his home in the tiny village of Smolino, in the central Chelyabinsk region of Russia. 

The twisted man is currently being held as Russian police conduct a full investigation into the sick happenings at the remote house.  

Whenever Cheskidov went out, Ekaterina was allegedly kept tied up in a crucifix position using a homemade wooden head and neck noose, which employed metal brackets to keep her arms and legs affixed to two pieces of chipboard. 

On top of this, her mouth was taped shut so she could not scream for help.

Ekaterina Belyankina, now 33, would be strapped to this torturous contraption for hours on end while Vladimir Cheskidov went out, with her hands and ankles bound in the metal brackets

Vladimir Cheskidov forced the allegedly kidnapped woman to live in squalor for 14 years

 Vladimir Cheskidov (pictured) is currently being held in custody as Russian police figure out exactly what happened in the house of horror

The sick man has been charged with murder, rape and kidnapping, and faces life in a brutal penal colony if found guilty

His 72-year-old mother, Valentina Cheskidova, is alleged to have been complicit in the twisted scheme

Tacky pornography was found plastered across the walls 

The depraved man was only caught last week after Ekaterina managed to escape her bonds when he got drunk. 

She reportedly managed to find her sister after running into the village, and promptly told her everything.  

Ekaterina (pictured) only escaped after Cheskidov got drunk

Investigators found tacky pornographic images plastered to the walls, as well as children’s dolls in the room, when they went into the house of horror. 

They also took away multiple sex toys that were allegedly used to torture her.

Cheskidov is also suspected of murdering another woman, called Oksana, at his house in either 2010 or 2011, after her dismembered bones were allegedly found on his property.

Beneath Ekaterina’s room in a low-ceilinged cellar, the remains of the other woman, who was around 30 when she was killed, were found ‘in a saucepan’, it is alleged.

Ekterina said she witnessed the other woman, who Cheskidov reportedly described as ‘his wife’, being killed in a barn he owned, and was threatened with the same fate if she disobeyed him.

Human remains were allegedly found in a ‘saucepan’ in a cellar underneath the room Ekaterina was kept

Since her escape, the twisted 51-year-old and his 72-year-old mother, Valentina Cheskidova, have since been charged with murder, rape and kidnapping. 

Valentina is being charged with being complicit in Ekaterina’s alleged kidnapping, and was heard screaming in court that the 33-year-old ‘lived like a queen.’

‘She joined my son and lived like a queen. No-one kept her. She lived [with us] at her own free will.

‘We have all the doors open [in the house] – come in, run away. Every day it was like this,’ she was heard saying. 

The family lived in filth in a house in the tiny village of Smolino, in the central Chelyabinsk region of Russia

Valentina, 72, said of her son: ‘All the women are drawn to him. He is a non-drinker, non-smoker, and positive’

He would repeatedly rape her over the 14 years that he allegedly held her prisoner 

The twisted man faces life in a grim Russian penal colony if convicted of the murder, rape and kidnapping charges

Valentina said of Ekaterina: ‘She joined my son and lived like a queen. No-one kept her. She lived [with us] at her own free will’

The sick mother, who lived in the same house as her son and his alleged victim, bizarrely told a Russian court: ‘All the women are drawn to him.

‘He is a non-drinker, non-smoker, and positive.

‘Everyone needs such men. A workaholic.’

The twisted man faces life in a grim Russian penal colony if convicted.

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