I've won the Unlikely Crush of the Year award… it makes me realise how lucky my wife is

HE'S famous for his grilling of MPs and causing tears to flow on Life Stories.

But how would Piers Morgan fare if he came face-to-face with a top interviewer… like himself?

Piers: Piers, I’m famous for making my guests weep; I’m going to make you sob like a baby in this interview.

Piers:  No, you’re not, you cocky little twerp – I know where all your bodies are buried.   

Piers: When was the last time you cried? 

Piers: When Van Persie defected from Arsenal to United. It nearly broke me.

Piers: Heat magazine’s readers regularly have you topping their Unlikely Crush of the Year poll, how does your wife Celia take this?

Piers: It just reminds her how lucky she is. 

Piers: Your blossoming friendship with Meghan Markle was abruptly terminated when she met her now husband, Prince Harry. Do you, deep down, think she once had a slight crush on you too? 

Piers: No question. Nobody’s ever slid faster into my DMs after I’ve followed them on social media – she made Usain Bolt look like a tortoise.

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Piers: Do you have a message for Meghan now, if she’s reading this?

Piers: Nope. She can read anything I have to say to her in my forthcoming Sun columns, like everyone else.

Piers: When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Piers: Flawed perfection. 

Piers: You were the youngest editor in Fleet St history, went on to become Britain’s most in-demand broadcaster, and have a little black book that reads like a Who’s Who of the planet’s biggest stars… what’s your single greatest achievement?

Piers: My four children, and getting Brian Lara, one of the world’s best ever batsmen, out for nought in a charity cricket match. In fact, the second one might be the greatest.

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