Just Eat responds after rider is caught having just eaten customer’s £70 order

Just Eat has said it is investigating after a rider was caught red-handed devouring a customer's £70 order at a park bench.

A bloke called Curt and a group of friends made the order and, he said, waited two hours before going to the rider's geo location which is shown on the website. Curt said his mate was confronted by the sight of the rider alongside his bike and another person, tucking into the order.

Pictures, shared on X on Friday (December 8) show the the rider sitting at a picnic bench outside surrounded by food, before he pulls his hoodie over his head.

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Writing about the incident on X (formerly Twitter), Curt said: "We were waiting about 2 hours for the order, mate decides to cycle down to his position and caught him munching on our order…madness."

And Just Eat has told the Daily Star that it is "investigating the incident" and that it has handed the customer a full refund.

Just Eat told the Star: "At Just Eat, we want all of our customers to have a positive experience when ordering food online and we expect all couriers delivering on our behalf to act respectfully and responsibly at all times.

"We are currently investigating the incident and will be in touch with the customer."

The company later confirmed that its team had made contact with the customer who received a full refund.

This is despite Just Eat appearing on X to try and shift the blame towards couriers themselves.

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"Most couriers are employed directly by independent restaurants, but we do work with third party courier companies, agency couriers and self-employed independent contractors in certain areas of certain cities," the company wrote on X in response to Curt.

They also urged him to reach out to them, although he said he already had.

The jokes in response to Curt's post were perhaps predictable, with one bloke pointing out 'you must have missed the new logo' alongside the company's logo and 'Just Eaten' scrawled on it.

A second person added: "The clue is in the name, mate…"

A third person joked: "What's a man got to do to eat in peace?"

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