Kim Jong-un's daughter is known by the wrong name because of Rodman

Kim Jong-un’s daughter has been referred to around the world by the wrong name for ten years because Dennis Rodman misunderstood his dictator friend’s remarks during North Korea visit, claims ex spy

  • During a 2013, retired NBA star Dennis Rodman named Kim Jong-un’s daughter incorrectly  

We have all been calling North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s eldest daughter by the wrong name for the last ten years because of an error made by Dennis Rodman, according to a former spy intelligence officer from the south. 

In a new interview with The Korea Times, Choe Su Yong, said that although we’ve all come to know Kim’s daughter as Kim Jue-ae, her name is likely Kim Eun-ju. 

The officer traced the false christening back to retired NBA star Dennis Rodman and his bizarre friendship with Kim Jong-un that blossomed in the early 2010s. 

In the wake of one of the The Worm’s infamous visits to the hermit kingdom back in 2012, he told The Guardian that he’d seen Kim Jong-un with his daughter, calling her ‘Jue Ae.’

‘I heard that Kim introduced his daughter to Rodman during his visit to North Korea, saying in Korean that “jeo-ae” is his daughter. Rodman seemed to have misunderstood the Korean word “jeo-ae” as her name,’ Choe, who retired from the intelligence services in 2010, told the South Korean outlet.

He added that Kim likely was saying ‘that girl’ in reference to her when with Rodman. The daughter was born to the despot and his wife, Ri Sol-ju, sometime in 2013. 

Kim Ju-ae, daughter of Kim Jong-un (pictured together), is likely being lined up as the heir to North Korea’s dictatorship, experts have said

Dennis Rodman pictured in North Korea with Kim Jong-un watching a basketball game in March 2013

Kim Jong-un pictured with his daughter in August 2023 at the hermit kingdom’s naval headquarters 

Kim Eun-ju stood next to father Kim in front of North Korea’s latest nuke as he awarded the officials who built it in November 2022, which experts said is unlikely to be a coincidence

Like many details from North Korea, little confirmed information is known about Kim’s daughter. Choe said in his interview that the leader now has four children, previously it was thought that he had three. 

Choe told The Korea Times that Kim Jong-un’s eldest child was born of illicit affair he had with a singer-turned-politician named Hyon Song-wol. His youngest child, who was born within the last five years, was the product of an affair that Kim had with a Japanese pianist.  

During Rodman’s interview with The Guardian in which he revealed the daughter’s name, the retired Bulls star called Kim a ‘good dad.’ 

Kim Eun-ju was first seen in public in November 2022 at and then was out in public several more times between then and February 2023. 

The state media has called her bother ‘beloved’ daughter and ‘respected’ daughter, the latter generally being used only to described Kim Jong-un and his wife.

A December 2022 report from The Financial Times cited analysts as speculating that Kim En-ju’s public profile is part of a project to turn the family in to formal monarchy. That same month, her image adorned a stamp in the country.

Her sudden appearance alongside her father and North Korea’s nuclear weapons could have been constructed in order to project an image of power – both to the North Korean people and to the world.

Kim Eun-ju has been pictured alongside her father and North Korea’s nuclear weapons twice in a week, which seem calculated to project an image of power both at home and abroad

Kim Eun-ju was first seen in public in November 2022 at and then was out in public several more times between then and February 2023

State media’s description of her as Kim’s ‘most beloved’ and ‘precious’ child also give strong hints that she is the favorite to succeed him 

Until Kim Eun-ju’s sudden appearance, it was rumoured that Kim’s eldest sister – Kim Yo-jong – was being lined up to replace him

State media’s description of her as Kim’s ‘most beloved’ and ‘precious’ child also give strong hints that she is the favorite to succeed him.

However, questions still remain over her standing within the line of succession, known in North Korea as the Mount Paektu Bloodline.

Kim Jong-il did not reveal the existence of his own successor – Kim Jong-un – until very late in his reign when his health was clearly ailing.

Kim Jong-un has experienced health scares in recent years, including rumors that he had died back in 2020, but those have largely fizzled out in recent months as he returned to making regular state media appearances.

Questions about his heir – which at one time was fancied to be Kim’s sister, Kim Yo-jong – have also receded as the dictator has reasserted himself as undisputed ruler.

Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul, said at the time: ‘Kim may be signaling to other North Korean elites that he is mentoring his daughter for a role in the leadership.’

However, the rumoured existence of an elder brother has led to suggestions that Kim is keeping his true heir hidden from the public, at least for now.

Soo Kim, a security analyst with the RAND Corporation in California, told PBS: ‘We’ve been told that Kim has three children, including possibly a son.

‘If this is true, and if we assume that the male child — who has yet to be revealed — will be the heir, is Ju-ae truly Kim’s most ‘precious’ from a succession standpoint? 

‘I think it is too early to draw any conclusions.’ 

Most recently, she was pictured at the 75th anniversary Day of the Foundation of the Republic celebrations in Pyongyang. 

This is the second time that Rodman has made headlines this week after rumors emerged that he once dated Lakers heiress Jeanie Buss. 

Soo speculated that unveiling his daughter may have been designed as a distraction, either to get the West used to the idea of living with North Korea’s nuclear threat or to hammer home to domestic viewers that nukes are the country’s future. 

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