Kind-hearted cat called Rocco invites local stray to share his dinner

Adorable video shows kind-hearted tuxedo cat called Rocco inviting local stray tabby to share his dinner every evening

  • A compassionate cat has been captured on video extending a dinner invitation to a nearby tabby stray
  • Rocco, a black and white tuxedo cat, has been sharing his meals with a community stray tabby for the past two years 
  • Each evening, just before dinner, Rocco meows to remind his owner to prepare an extra bowl of cat food for his feline companion

A kindhearted cat has been caught on camera offering to share his dinner with a nearby stray.  

Rocco, a black and white Tuxedo cat has been sharing his meal with a community stray, who is a tabby, for the last two years. 

Every night just before meal time, he meows at his owner to remind her to make an extra bowl of cat food for his feline friend. 

Rocco then heads to the screen door and calls out for the cute kitty to join him.

It doesn’t take long before the tabby appears, and although he is still wary of humans, despite being fed by the family for the last two years, he manages to lap up a giant bowl of goodness each night. 

Rocco a tuxedo cat has been captured on video extending a dinner invitation to a nearby stray

Each evening, Rocco sits at the screen door waiting for him friend to come by 

The tabby is a stray and still particularly wary of humans despite being fed by them each night, left. While the stray eats, Rocco eats alongside

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It is a heartwarming scene all captured on camera and uploaded to TikTok where it has received 44,000 likes from those enjoying the cute cat video. 

The owner notes that the stray cat has been trap-neuter-returned (TNR’d) and hopes one day the tabby may also consider Rocco’s home as his own. 

His owner writes: ‘I’ve been feeding him for almost two years and he is still very scared of humans but we love him and he is always welcome here whenever he is ready.’ 

Those viewing the video online have left heartwarming comments about the pair. 

Rocco’s owner now makes two bowls for dinner for Rocco and his kitty companion

The tabby cat comes by every night for dinner and had warmed himself to followers

The cat likes to play with the same toys as Rocco when he comes by for dinner

‘Rocco is such a considerate king’, wrote one commenter. 

‘Aww little babies are besties. So sweet of both of you inviting him for dinner. I’m sure he appreciates a full belly each night,’ said one. 

‘Cats have such a deep understanding. He looks back for permission,’ wrote another.

‘My heart is melting!’ added another.  

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