Men and women slaughtered on beds by Hamas in Be'eri kibbutz

The barbarity of Be’eri: Men and women lie slaughtered on their beds in bullet-riddled bedrooms in Israeli kibbutz where Hamas terrorists machine-gunned families, killing more than 100 people

  • New photos show Israeli citizens were slaughtered in their beds in the Be’eri kibbutz
  • Over 100 bodies have been recovered from site of Saturday’s massacre
  • Hamas fighters killed members of the community at around 7am  

Sickening new photos of the aftermath of the Be’eri kibbutz massacre have revealed that Israeli civilians were killed in their bedrooms during the Be’eri massacre in the first days of Hamas’ surprise attack.

Almost all of the photos, passed on to MailOnline by the Israeli Embassy in London, were too graphic to share publicly, and depict several dead bodies strewn across a small room in the community of around 1,000 people near the border with Gaza.

The photos are some of the clearest representations of exactly what happened in the kibbutz, a symbolically significant community set up in 1946 as part of a strategic plan to help the state withstand a potential invasion from Egypt. 

Dozens of bullet holes can be seen peppered across the façade of a two-storey home in the isolated community, which was one of the first to be attacked by Hamas at around 7am, with mounds of rubble strewn in front. 

Inside the bedroom of one home, three dead bodies were left to rot by Hamas fighters, who killed at least 100 people in the community on Saturday. 

A woman is lying facedown in her own blood in a single bed in the cramped room, blood staining her blonde hair and the wall behind her, which has at least six bullet holes. 

Most of the photos passed to MailOnline by the Israeli Embassy in London were too graphic to publish

Homes in the community were largely decimated by Hamas terrorists

Cars were left flattened in the middle of the road in Be’eri, which sits just a few miles from the border with Gaza

Next to her, a man with dark hair has awkwardly slipped in a gap between the bed and a wall.

His black clothes, which appear to be pyjamas, are still slick with his blood, which has pooled in a dark red mess on the floor below him. 

His body appears to already be decomposing, as his face has blackened, while boils can be seen on both of his arms.

Chunks of his flesh are missing from his right arm and hand. 

A third man with gray hair, lying feet away from the others on the floor, can be seen wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. 

He is seen lying next to a half-packed bag, as well as a small, red-handled knife. 

A screenshot from a video, verified by CNN , reveals the chilling moment Hamas butchers arrived in kibbutz Be’eri, where they murdered at least 100 people

A baby’s seat and child’s dress is seen covered in blood in the aftermath of a Hamas attack 

Gunshots and blood stains are seen on a door and walls of a house where civilians were killed days earlier in an attack by Hamas on this kibbutz near the border with Gaza on Tuesday

Nearby, a photo-frame filled with several pictures of what appears to be members of the kibbutz can be seen on top of a bedside cabinet. 

Another photo shows a dead civilian, who also appears to be wearing a set of pyjamas, lying on the floor, covered in what appears to be dirt. 

His eyes are still open, and are looking directly into the lens of the camera that captured the image, while his shorts appear to be soaked with urine. 

Behind the blackened body is a chest of drawers painted in pastel colours, with several images of teddy bears adorning the front, while next to him lies a baby’s rocker. 

Outside, several cars were left flattened, while the bodies of people in everyday clothing can be seen lying in awkward positions. 

The more than 100 bodies found at the kibbutz were removed by the Zaka search and rescue group, who warned that the number of dead may yet rise. 

Hamas terrorists gunned down entire families in their homes in a small kibbutz in Israel, Israeli soldiers have claimed

Israel seeks ‘a new reality’ with terrorism eradicated as Netanyahu condemns ‘savagery not seen since the Holocaust’ – but EU accuses Jewish state of breaking international laws by cutting off food and water to Gaza 

One survivor, Haim Jelin, told local media that Hamas fighters ‘walked around Be’eri like they owned the place.’

‘They shot indiscriminately, abducted whoever they could, burned down people’s homes so they’d have to escape through the window, where the terrorists would wait,’ he added. 

A woman called Miri Gad Mesika told local media that she and her husband were choking on thick smoke and gas fumes as they tried to hide. 

‘We soaked towels with water and covered our faces, while my husband Eli held the shelter door closed as hard as he could as the terrorists tried to break in,’ she said.

‘Moments before we jumped from the second floor, we assessed the situation of the fire and looked out for the terrorists and decided to jump. 

‘We fled to our neighbours across the street, and watched our house go up in flames before it was completely burned down. I have no idea how we survived.’

Gaza is holding its breath today as Israel masses troops and tanks on the border ahead of an expected invasion of the enclave in retaliation for the brutal assault carried out by the Hamas terrorist group on Saturday.

Israeli airstrikes demolished entire neighbourhoods on Wednesday, and hospitals in the Gaza Strip are struggling to treat the injured with dwindling medical supplies.

Israel’s siege and bombardment has not deterred Hamas, however, who today continued to return fire with artillery, hitting a child development centre in the Israeli city of Ashkelon.

Meanwhile, Gaza’s two million residents lost electricity as the enclave’s sole power plant ran out of fuel and shut down, energy officials said, deepening the crisis inside the 140-square-mile territory that is currently besieged by Israeli forces.

‘The only power plant in the Gaza Strip stopped functioning at 2pm,’ the authority’s head said in a statement, having earlier warned that it was running short of fuel.

The war has claimed at least 2,200 lives on both sides, and is only expected to escalate further from this point. Humanitarian groups have pleaded for the creation of corridors for the delivery of aid ahead of the likely Israeli assault.

As fears mounted inside the enclave of an imminent assault, an Israeli defence official vowed that Gaza will become a ‘tent city’ with every building razed.

In the early hours, Israeli forces conducted 250 airstrikes in just one hour across northern and eastern parts of the Gaza strip in revenge for Hamas’ terror attacks.

Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) spokesman Jonathan Conricus said they are sending ‘infantry, armoured soldiers, artillery corps’, plus 300,000 reservists ‘close to the Gaza Strip to execute the mission that we have been given by the Israeli government’.

Conricus added: ‘That is to make sure that Hamas at the end of this war won’t have any military capabilities by which they can threaten or kill Israeli civilians.’

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