Mercedes driver red-faced after getting stranded on crossing island

Oh bollards! Mercedes driver left red-faced after attempt to beat traffic jam leaves him stranded on crossing island

  • Video shows Mercedes trying to turn out of a traffic jam but ending up stranded
  • The driver gets stuck on a bollard and is left red-faced as his wheels spin  

This is the moment a Mercedes driver was left red-faced after his attempt to beat a traffic jam culminated in him getting trapped on top of a bollard.

Comical dashcam footage captured the moment that the driver of the white Mercedes became visibly frustrated with the traffic in Staffordshire and decided to take matters into his own hands.

The driver, who was in a queue of traffic on the approach to Morrisons in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, departed the traffic jam at a snail’s pace but somehow drove straight over a black and yellow bollard on a crossing island.

After seemingly failing to see the giant obstacle in his way, the driver flattens the bollard and finds himself unable to save his blushes by quickly escaping.

Instead, the Mercedes becomes marooned on the bollard and the driver is left spinning the vehicle’s wheels at a rate of knots as he tries to drive off.

This is the moment that the Mercedes driver got impatient with the traffic jam and tried to veer down a road to the right

The suited driver then crashed into the bollard (left) at a slow pace and exited the car (right) when his white Mercedes got marooned on the island

After a few seconds of wheel spinning, the suited driver can then be seen exiting his flash car with a bemused expression on his face.

The smartly-dressed driver then tries to assess the damage as a passerby casually walks past.

To make matters worse, as the embarrassed motorist attempts to salvage the situation, a traffic jam builds from the other direction, while the queue he had been stuck ion only moments before clears.

Another driver who captured the footage on his dashcam uploaded the video to YouTube and said: ‘On my way home from work I saw the slowest and silliest car accident ever.’

It is not known how long the driver was trapped on the island or whether he was forced to call upon assistance. 

Despite the faux pas, nearby Stoke-on-Trent ranks in the top 20 (18th) for UK cities with the best drivers based on recent data from One Sure Insurance. 

The driver was left bemused as a traffic jam built up thanks to his stranded car, while the queue he tried to initially avoid cleared

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