Moment woman in Disneyland bathroom filmed saying 'I hate Mexicans'

Shocking moment woman in Disneyland bathroom is filmed saying ‘I hate Mexicans’ in racist tirade against mother and son on his birthday

  • Eva Ramirez filmed the encounter and posted it to Instagram after a 22-year-old woman lobbed racist insults at her and her two-year-old son
  • The altercation began over a disagreement about a bathroom stall at the theme park
  • Local activist Edin Alex Enamorado was arrested days later when he and several others flocked to the woman’s home to confront her

A woman’s racist tirade against a mother and her two-year-old son at Disneyland sparked protests and the arrest of a well-known local activist.

The heated exchange was captured on video and posted to Instagram by Eva Ramirez. She said the comments began after the woman heard her and her son speaking Spanish in a bathroom at the theme park.

The 22-year-old woman has not been charged with a crime. 

In a social media post from December 7, Ramirez said that she and her son were at the park to celebrate his birthday and that the altercation began with a disagreement over a bathroom stall.

‘I can’t believe it’s 2023 and we are knee deep in hatred and bigotry yet this person wasn’t even subtle nor hiding it,’ she wrote.

Eva Ramirez uploaded a video to Instagram showing a stranger lobbing racist insults at her and her two-year-old son in a Disneyland bathroom

The 22-year-old allegedly began the bigoted rant during an argument over a bathroom stall

‘We were enjoying his birthday at Disneyland and as we were heading to the park, my son and I were screamed at by these people for speaking Spanish.’

In the video, Ramirez swings the camera toward a young woman with short hair and lip piercings.

‘I’m at Disneyland and this person just heard me speaking Spanish and she said, “Great, you’re a f***ing Mexican, right?” Repeat what you just said,’ Ramirez demands. ‘You have a problem with people that speak Spanish in your country, right?’

The young woman responds: ‘Yeah, but it’s America. It’s America. You don’t speak Spanish in America. It’s an English-speaking country.’

‘Your comment is racist, and it has nothing to do with using the restroom,’ Ramirez retorts.

‘I don’t care. I hate Mexicans, it’s true. There it is,’ the young woman says.

Ramirez said she had no choice but to film the encounter.

‘You can’t educate, you can’t inform, you can only expose them,’ she wrote, adding that the woman ‘screamed several racist remarks’ prior to recording.

The young woman says ‘You don’t speak Spanish in America’ and follows up by proclaiming that she ‘hates Mexicans’

Ramirez said the woman made the comments after she heard her and her son speaking Spanish

The mother of two was at the park with her two-year-old to celebrate his birthday

‘The bigger restroom stalls at that location are also for mothers with children and clearly have no handicap signs,’ the mother of two added. ‘Of course, the immediate attempt to victimize themselves once they get caught in the act.’

She said Disneyland security refused to ask the woman to leave the park ‘because it was only a verbal confrontation and to avoid any lawsuits from the other party.’

After the video of the altercation went viral, activists flocked to the young woman’s home in the Inland Empire to confront her.

Among them was Edin Alex Enamorado, a prominent advocate for street vendors in Los Angeles.

As a small crowd gathered outside the house, Enamorado circled around the property, filming the license plates of cars in the driveway and lingering on signs displayed in the windows of the home.

Two of them read: ‘Warning: no stupid people’ and ‘If something here offends you, please let us know – we can all use a good laugh.’

One woman began to pound on the front door. Some members of the crowd lobbed insults in Spanish, laughing.

Enamorado pulled out a bullhorn and began a chant: ‘Whose land?’

‘Our land!’ members of the crowd responded.

She said Disneyland security did not force the woman to leave the park ‘because it was only a verbal confrontation and to avoid any lawsuits from the other party’

The 22-year-old allegedly said ‘Great, you’re a f***ing Mexican, right?’ when she heard Ramirez speaking Spanish, sparking the altercation

The young woman has deleted most of her social media accounts and set her TikTok to private

Minutes later, San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department cruisers pulled up alongside the house, and an officer ordered the people to get on the ground.

‘You’re trespassing on private property!’ the cops shouted as they walked towards the crowd, drawing protests from people who insisted they had permission to be there.

Enamorado, wearing a gray hoodie, advanced towards one officer, still pointing his cellphone.

The cop grabbed him and led him away while a second officer knocked the phone out of his hand, sending it careening to the pavement.

Enamorado was released from custody a few hours later. He was charged with refusing to leave private property, according to the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department.

Days later, community activist Edin Alex Enamorado was arrested after he and several others showed up at the woman’s Apple Valley home to confront her

As the crowd walked around the property, filming the license plates of the cars in the driveway and banging on the front door, police showed up

Enamorado, seen here wearing gray, approached one of the officers while pointing his cellphone

He was taken into custody, charged with refusing to leave private property and released the same day

The 22-year-old has now deleted most of her social media and set her TikTok account to private. Her Instagram bio once read: ‘A dark old soul with a big hear in a cruel world.’

Ramirez said she was compelled to share the video because ‘racism starts at home.’

‘People have access to several resources, but still make the conscious choice to continue to be ignorant,’ she wrote. 

‘Never thought I’d experience this and I thought I’d ignore someone like this, but in the presence of my son no one will scream at him nor me what language to speak in!’

A Disneyland representative was not immediately available for comment. 

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