Mother of tragic Alfie Lamb, 3, seen for first time since jail release

Alfie Lamb’s mother, 26, dyes her dark hair blonde as she’s seen back in home town following jail release – after son, three, was brutally crushed to death by car seat in footwell of lover’s Audi

  • Adrian Hoare, 26, was spotted walking in Chatham, Kent, following July release
  • She is now believed to be living with her mother, Janis Templeton-Hoare, 55 
  • Hoare was jailed in 2019 after being found guilty of child cruelty over tot’s death 

A mother who was found guilty of child cruelty after her toddler was crushed to death by a car seat has been spotted for the first time since her release.  

Adrian Hoare, 26, was seen walking in Chatham, Kent, where she is believed to have moved in with her mother Janis Templeton-Hoare, 55 – who once said she would ‘always feel hatred towards her’ daughter following her grandson’s death. 

Hoare’s usually brunette-coloured hair has been dyed blonde and red, suggesting she is trying to avoid being recognised.    

The hairdresser was jailed in 2019 after being found guilty of putting her son Alfie Lamb into harm’s way by placing him into the footwell of an Audi convertible.   

Her boyfriend at the time Stephen Waterson, 28, then slammed into Alfie with his seat, before pulling him out of the car and trying to revive him.  

Alfie suffered a cardiac arrest and his life support machine was turned off three days later in 2018. 

Adrian Hoare, from Kent, was jailed for two years and nine months in May 2019 after being found guilty of child cruelty over the death of her son Alfie Lamb

Three-year-old Alfie was crushed to death by a car seat after she placed the toddler into the footwell of an Audi in 2018 (pictured left with Hoare)

A source told the Sun: ‘It’s sickening to see her walking the streets again already.

‘She didn’t deserve Alfie and doesn’t deserve to be free.

‘Scumbags who abuse kids are among the most hated offenders so it’s no surprise she’s trying to avoid being spotted.’ 

Hoare was jailed for two years and nine months in May 2019, but was offered early release and left prison in October that year.

However her licence was revoked just three months later after she ‘placed herself in a risky situation’ and then ‘lost touch with the probation service’, according to parole bosses. 

She then remained ‘unlawfully at large’ until she was taken back into custody in May 2020, before being released in July this year when her sentence expired.   

Waterson, meanwhile, received a seven-and-a-half-year sentence for manslaughter.     

It comes after a parole board in May this year ruled that Hoare was not suitable for release at that time. 

Hoare’s boyfriend Stephen Waterson (pictured), from Croydon, was also jailed over the toddler’s death

A document setting out the Parole Board’s decision said: ‘After considering the circumstances of her offending, the progress made while in custody and on licence, and the other evidence presented at the hearings and in the dossier, the panel was not satisfied that Ms Hoare was suitable for release.’

At the time of her offending she was described as making ‘poor decisions and acting impulsively at times’, with the document adding: ‘She had been in relationships where she had been easily led and controlled or manipulated.

‘She had shown some aggression and even violence. 

‘Ms Hoare had misused illicit drugs and had mixed with like-minded, anti-social people.’

While the Parole Board was told of some progress she had made to address her behaviour, for example taking part in counselling, it added that ‘there were concerns about how open Ms Hoare might be with her supervising team.’

Three-year-old Alfie Lamb was in the footwell of the Audi A4 (pictured) when Waterson slammed his chair into him in south London in February 2018 

Hoare was jailed in 2019 after being found guilty of putting her son Alfie Lamb into harm’s way by placing him into the footwell of an Audi convertible

It said: ‘She was considered to show insufficient self-awareness or insight and to lack adequate self-control.’

Hoare was cleared of manslaughter following a trial, but was convicted of child cruelty. 

Her partner Waterson was jailed for seven and a half years for manslaughter, plotting to pervert the course of justice and intimidating a witness after admitting squashing Alfie by reversing his car seat into him.

Speaking to the Sun on her daughter’s initial release in 2019, Hoare’s heartbroken mother said she was still unable to forgive her daughter.

She said: ‘I will always feel hatred towards her for what she’s done. She has taken everything from me. Adrian has literally broken me.’

She added: ‘The hardest thing at this time of year is going out and seeing little kids out telling their nannies what they want, and that they want to go to see Father Christmas.

‘He should still be here and we should be doing those things together.’ 

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