Mother traumatised when she found a RAT biting her toddler's face

‘Traumatised’ mother walked in on ‘horror movie’ scene when she found a RAT biting her two-year-old son’s face while he slept

  • A toddler suffered ‘multiple rat bites from a feral rat’ in Walton, Liverpool
  • The unnamed mother and her children moved out and are staying with family
  • She saw her son crying and covered in blood after he was attacked by the rat
  • Liverpool authorities hope new underground bins will solve vermin problems 

A mother was left ‘traumatised’ after she walked in on the ‘horror movie scene’ of a rat biting her two-year-old son’s face as he slept. 

The mother, who did not wish to be identified, was feeding her newborn baby when she walked in on the scene in her rented house in the Walton area of Liverpool. 

The toddler was rushed to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where a note described the ‘multiple rat bites from feral rat’. 

The mother and her children moved out of their home and are now staying with family following the shocking incident. 

The mother told the Liverpool Echo: ‘It was like something from a nightmare or a horror movie, I am still traumatised by it all. 

A mother was left ‘traumatised’ after she walked in on the ‘horror movie scene’ of a rat biting her two-year-old son’s face in their house in Walton, Liverpool. Pictured: The cuts left by the multiple rat bites

‘I heard my two-year-old son crying from his bed and when I walked in he was covered in blood.

‘I fell to my knees in shock, I had no idea what had happened until I saw the rat run past me. 

‘My four-year-old saw it all with me and has been having nightmares ever since.’

Her son was referred for plastic surgery and the infection diseases department but did not need treatment. He is now recovering at home. 

The mother said her son was ‘covered in blood’. Pictured here is the blood left on the boy’s pillow after he was attacked as he slept

The stricken parent said their house was clean and tidy but poor quality housing had caused the vermin problems.  

MP for Walton Dan Carden said the rat attack was ‘unthinkable’ and called for water companies and the council to prioritise tackling the rat infestations. 

The council visited the area and spotted a problem with the drains nearby, according to the Liverpool Echo.  

Liverpool authorities hope a new underground bin system will reduce the vermin in the city. Picture: file image of a rat

Liverpool is set to introduce an underground ‘superbin’ system over the coming year. 

Authorities hope the new system will help to resolve the city’s litter and vermin issues. 

Liverpool City Council says it offers free pest control for rats and mice for occupiers of domestic properties in the city – aiming to deal with any rats found indoors within 24 hours.  

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