Napoleon’s raunchy bedroom conquests – from teenage bride to 20 mistresses
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    He was the military genius who conquered half of Europe in the 19th century, and now the new blockbuster Napoleon will tell the story of the French Emperor’s rise to power.

    But, along with his battlefield exploits, Napoleon Bonaparte notched up plenty of conquests in the bedroom, too.

    Here, ahead of the Ridley Scott film starring Joaquin Phoenix, we reveal all about his racy adventures…

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    Yes tonight, Josephine!

    Legend has it Napoleon turned down sex with his wife Josephine – played by Vanessa Kirby in the movie – protesting: “Not tonight, Josephine!” But there’s no record of him saying it. The phrase actually originated in a 1911 song.

    In fact, Napoleon couldn’t get enough of his spouse.

    The Corsican-born army officer, who lost his virginity aged 18 in a Paris brothel, wed Josephine de Beauharnais in 1796 at 26 after meeting her at a ball. She was a 32-year-old mum-of two, whose first hubby had been guillotined in the revolution.

    They wrote lusty love letters to each other, with Napoleon once penning: “A kiss on your heart… and one much lower down. Much lower!”

    On his way back from battle he once told her not to wash before love-making and, for reasons lost to history, nicknamed her private parts “the Baron de Kepen”.

    But Josephine was unfaithful with another soldier while Napoleon was on campaign in Italy – and he was soon having affairs, too.

    The couple had no children, and with Napoleon desperate for a legitimate heir, he divorced his empress in 1809 – leaving her devastated.

    Yet Josephine is said to have been the only woman the general ever really loved. His last word when he died aged 51 in 1821, exiled on the island of St Helena, was “Josephine”. She had already died in 1814.

    Teenage bride

    In 1810 Napoleon married his second wife, the 18-year-old Marie Louise, Archduchess of Austria.

    Although she wasn’t keen on marrying him, when they met she told him: “You are much better-looking than your portrait.”

    And she apparently loved sex with him, urging her hubby to “do it again” after their first romp.

    Napoleon found her “beautifully made” and liked pinching his young wife to show affection.

    The couple had a son, who’d briefly become Napoleon II. But after his father’s final defeat in 1815, Marie Louise took another lover and married twice more.

    Multiple lovers

    It’s reckoned Napoleon had more than 20 mistresses, boasting: “I take women and forget them.” He also claimed: “A woman laughing is a woman conquered.”

    He began an affair on campaign in Egypt in 1798, with Pauline Foures dubbed “Napoleon’s Cleopatra”. Napoleon seduced the married beauty after “accidentally” spilling a jug of water over her and then “helping” her out of the wet clothes.

    In 1806, his sister set him up with divorced teenager Eleonore Denuelle and they had an illegitimate son together.

    A year later, he met 20-year-old Polish countess Marie Walewska, wooing her away from an ageing hubby. They would also have a son.

    Willy war with Welly

    The Duke of Wellington is famous for leading British forces to a final victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

    But it turns out he may have been better in bed than his French rival, too. Both generals are believed to have had affairs with the famous Italian singer Giuseppina Grassini and actress Marguerite-Josephine Weimer.

    Napoleon designed Marguerite new garters and stuffed a roll of 40,000 francs between her breasts. But she declared the Iron Duke was “stronger” in the sack.

    It’s perhaps not surprising. Napoleon is said to have made mistresses wait naked for him in an antechamber, with sex sessions lasting no more than three minutes.

    And, while it’s a myth “Old Boney” at 5ft 6-7in was particularly short, his preserved penis has been found to measure just 1.5in.

    Napoleon is in cinemas from November 22.

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