Neighbour leaves heartwarming note and £10 on ambulance blocking their driveway

Paramedics returned from a 999 call to find the message and cash on their vehicle's windscreen in Faversham, Kent.

It read: "You're blocking our drive…No worries.

"Buy a coffee when you can xxx."

First responder Carol Lewis shared the kind note and gift on Facebook and thanked the mystery donor.

She wrote: "Well R2652 booked on for 8 hours today and attended 2 of the highest category calls we get.

"But here is a photo that a member of the public in Faversham left on the Ambulance.

"Shows appreciation, thank you so much xx."

Local Jenny Reeves replied to suggest this could spark a new trend.

She wrote: "Restores faith when you see this kind of post!

"Perhaps we can get this behaviour trending? Buy your emergency services a break?"

Last month a homeowner left a note thanking paramedics and £5 for "refreshments" in Flint, North Wales.

It is in stark contrast to a recent series of abusive messages slapped on ambulances attending 999 call outs.

In March Kirsty Shaman, 26, left a note saying: "I couldn't give a s*** if the whole street collapses" on an ambulance parked outside her house in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.

And in August Leicestershire ambulance crews were slammed by a homeowner for blocking their drive for 45 minutes.

The rude note read: "You blocked my driveway I waited 45 mins for you to move.

"Please have some consideration where you park the ambulance! This is not the first time."

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