Nicola Bulley pal’s 11 new facts about case from swimming skill to ‘broken CCTV’
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    A friend of missing mum Nicola Bulley has shared 11 facts the public might not know about her disappearance.

    Ms Bulley, 45, was last seen walking her dog next to the River Wyre in Lancashire at around 9:10am on January 27 and police are working to unravel the events of that day, believing she may have slipped and fallen into the water.

    Now a friend of Ms Bulley has taken to Facebook to share some new information and clear up some common misconceptions.

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    "I want to start this post by thanking those who have shared and shared posts and who have been out looking and have created such a comfort to Nikki's family," the friend, named Tilly Ann, wrote.

    "However, I can't sit back anymore and not act with regards the hurt and distress that is being caused by some very inappropriate comments."

    The friend then revealed 11 new alleged facts about the fateful morning "with permission" from Ms Bulley's "incredibly close" family.

    In an apparent blow to the police theory Ms Bulley slipped into the water and got stuck there, Ann revealed Ms Bulley "is an incredibly strong swimmer" and that while there are CCTV cameras in the park, "the only camera that isn't working is the one that would have seen everything."

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    The poster also suggested that the couple's dog, Willow, never wears its harness for the section of the walk where Ms Bulley was last seen, and added that and her partner rarely use her tennis ball on walks anymore as she is "very protective over the ball", seemingly rubbishing police theories the mum-of-two slipped into the river while fetching her pooch's toy.

    Sharing the 11 facts, Ann wrote:

    "Paul and Nikki both mostly work from home which is why he was at home that day. They have CCTV and there is a reason why Paul has never been a suspect. Family and friends need these accusations to stop immediately. The fact that I've had to write this is disgusting to be honest.

    "They both do this walk regularly and Paul is very well known in the community and very well recognised.

    "The dog never has her harness on for a chunk of that walk, it's removed at the gate of the top field and then put back on at the gate when they leave.

    "They very rarely take the ball out for walks with willow now because she is very very protective over the ball and haven't done for a while.

    "Nikki quite often would put her phone on loud speaker when talking.

    "The dog was found very close to the bench and the harness. The harness was found on the floor not on the bench.

    "Nikki is an incredibly strong swimmer.

    "Nikki drove to the school and then left her car there and walked to the river.

    "The dog was dry when found.

    "The dog has since been back.

    "There's CCTV at the back of the caravan park. The only camera that isn't working is the one that would have seen everything."

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    Police are trying to understand what happened to Ms Bulley and are appealing to the public for any information that might be helpful.

    Officers from Lancashire Police renewed their plea for drivers who may have dashcam footage from the area where Ms Bulley disappeared to come forward.

    A spokesperson for the force said: "It is really important that we gather as much footage as possible from the area that morning, so we can review every piece meticulously to establish whether Nicola can be seen."

    Officers also encouraged those who live in the area to keep an eye out along the river for the clothes Ms Bulley was last seen wearing.

    These include an ankle-length black quilted gilet jacket, a black Engelbert Strauss waist-length coat, black jeans, green socks, ankle-length green Next wellies, a necklace and a light blue Fitbit.


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