Nicola Sturgeon writing 'deeply personal' memoir of political career

Nicola Sturgeon announces she is writing a ‘deeply personal’ memoir about her political career and fights with ex-PM Boris Johnson over Brexit, Covid and Scottish independence while First Minister

  • Ex-First Minister is to release a ‘deeply personal’ autobiography in 2025
  • Will cover ‘key events of the past three decades of Scottish and British politics’

Nicola Sturgeon has signed a deal to write a political memoir about her political career – including fights with the UK Government and Boris Johnson over Brexit, Covid laws and Scottish independence.

The former First Minister is to pen a ‘deeply personal’ autobiography covering ‘key events of the past three decades of Scottish and British politics’, she revealed today.

Publisher Pan Macmillan said it has secured the British and Commonwealth rights to the as-yet untitled book following a ‘hotly contested’ auction.

It will touch on many important political events, including the Scottish independence referendum, Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Sturgeon clashed repeatedly with the Tory Westminster Governments of Theresa May and then Mr Johnson, before she stepped down earlier this year after nine years in Bute House.

She tried in vain to win a second independence referendum and was a leading Remain campaigner who wanted Scotland to  stay in the EU. 

She also repeatedly clashed with Mr Johnson during the pandemic over the length and severity of measures to combat its impact.

Her book will not be published until 2025. Mr Johnson, who is now a Daily Mail columnist, is also writing an autobiography of his time in power.

Ms Sturgeon said She said she will dedicate the book to her late uncle, the journalist Iain Ferguson, with whom she had wanted to write the book.

‘I have loved my life in politics, but ever since I was a child I have harboured an ambition to write,’ she said.

‘Embarking on this book is therefore exciting, if also daunting.

‘I aim to chronicle key events of the past three decades of Scottish and British politics and take the reader behind the scenes to describe how it felt to be ‘in the room’, who else was there, the relationships involved and how decisions were arrived at.

‘I will talk about what I am proud of and be frank about my regrets.

‘I will reflect on the challenges of being a woman in politics and reveal more about the person behind the politician.

‘I will also draw on my 35 years of experience to offer some thoughts on the future of Scotland, the UK and democracy in general.’

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