PICTURED: Boy, 15, stabbed to death at North Carolina school

PICTURED: Delvin Ferrell, 15, stabbed to death at Raleigh, NC, school ‘by student aged fourteen’ as victims family say they FORGIVE loved one’s murderer

  • Delvin Ferrell, 15, has been identified as the boy who was stabbed to death during a brawl at Southeast Raleigh High School
  • The fight broke out on late Monday morning and a 14-year-old suspect has been arrested 
  • The second victim was sent to the hospital for ‘non-life-threatening’ injuries

The boy who was stabbed to death during a fight at a North Carolina school has been identified as his ‘forgiving family’ said that they ‘don’t hold any ill will’ against their loved one’s accused murderer. 

Delvin Ferrell, 15, died from his injuries after a 14-year-old student stabbed him during a fight.

‘We are a grieving family and trying to process this,’ Ferrell’s family said in a statement. ‘It is a tragedy all around. We are a forgiving family and don’t hold any ill will.’ 

Southeast Raleigh High School was closed on Tuesday after a mass brawl broke out around 11am on Monday. Video showed the moment the suspect took out a knife and stabbed his classmates during the brawl. 

Another student was also stabbed and was taken to the hospital and treated for ‘non-life-threatening’ injuries. 

Delvin Ferrell, 15, died from his injuries after a 14-year-old student stabbed him during a fight

Students at a North Carolina high school are seen on Monday in a mass brawl in the gymnasium as a male in a grey hoodie is seen with a knife in hand. The teenage suspect is accused of stabbing Ferrell to death 

The Raleigh Police Department have placed the unnamed suspect in custody who is facing a juvenile petition. District Attorney Lorrin Freeman told WRAL that a juvenile custody hearing was scheduled for Tuesday. 

Hours after the stabbing, Ferrell’s family and friends gathered for a vigil in his honor. They said that Delvin enjoyed video games and sports. 

One relative posted online and said: ‘Lord you gave me this Precious SON of mines for a season and with it the great Responsibility and Joy of Guiding him through his childhood years into his Teenage years….and Now I find that I am having to entrust hom [sic] back into your loving arms …

‘Lord I do Thank you for the Joy he has given me over these short special years of his Life and the pride. I had as I watched him spread his wings as a he started to make his way in life Growing in Faveur [sic] with you and with so many too 

‘..Lord I ask you to hold me and his mother and my family close in your loving Embrace as this is such A pain to have to to say Goodbye to my Dearly beloved Son…..’

‘I know his life was only Entrusted to Me for a season .that our times are In your hands ..you have scheduled each day of our lives. but I Did not Expect that he would be called home…..Pour out your loving comfort and strength to me lord and to all of us who loss acutely. may we Drawn closer to each other and to you as we prepared to say our Goodbyes to my Beloved Son,’ the relative said. 

Others took time to post heartfelt messages on the teen’s online obit as one person said: ‘A young man I knew from birth over the years we lost contact but I still never forgot you…I’m so sorry to hear of his passing…I send my condolences to his mother and the rest of the family.’ 

The fight took place outside of the school’s gymnasium before a large group of students piled inside. Authorities said that multiple students were involved but did not reveal an exact number. 

During the fight, a school resource officer called for EMS and backup after they stated that a student had been stabbed.

Soon after, the second student was found with puncture wounds. 

‘He’s losing consciousness right now. We’re in the main gym,’ a woman’s voice was heard saying over law enforcement radio traffic.

A male’s voice said: ‘Can you make sure the administrators put the school on lockdown?’

The high school was under a Code Red lockdown and informed parents that a ‘controlled’ dismissal would occur as scheduled 

The fight started outside but student were soon seen piling into the gym where Ferrell was stabbed 

However, the department added: ‘The scene is secure, and this appears to be an isolated incident. Please avoid the area around the school.’

A follow-up message informed parents that the school would remain under a Code Red lockdown due to the ongoing investigation, but a ‘controlled’ dismissal would occur at the usual time.

School officials and police officers have not said what sparked the altercation or who started it. 

The suspect responsible for the stabbing has since been arrested and Freeman said that she ‘anticipates in the near future’ that the case will be transferred to Superior Court to try the 14-year-old as an adult.

The mother of the male suspect, Cherelle McLaughlin told WRAL that her son, who is seen in the video slashing the knife, was acting in self-defense. 

McLaughlin also mentioned that she had informed the school that she was worried for her child’s safety, but it is not clear why. 

Freeman explained that North Carolina state law states that once a probable cause hearing has been held, minors charged with first degree murder are then sent to Superior Court. 

The 14-year-old suspect is being held in custody and the District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said that she plans on trying him as an adult 

‘We are at the beginning of this process,’ Freeman said. 

The District Attorney went on to say that the recent rise in juveniles being charged as adults is ‘concerning’ to her and that she will do everything in her power to move the case along efficiently. 

‘I feel terrible. The whole situation is terrible. I feel bad for the other family, but in return, I feel bad for my son because he was fighting for his life,” said McLaughlin.

Other parents commented on the fatal altercation as one said that her daughter will not be attending the High School anymore.

‘Even from the video alone, it seemed like it took a long time for the administrator, teacher, adult to get there,’ another parent said. 

The school has announced that counselors and staff will be made available to students this week, but it is unclear when the school will open back up. 

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