Pornstar Ron Jeremy found mentally incompetent to stand trial for rape

Porn star Ron Jeremy, 69, is ruled unfit to stand trial on 34 sex assault charges including 12 counts of rape involving 21 women after he is found ‘mentally incompetent’: He faced 300 years in jail if found guilty

  • The adult actor, 69, pleaded not guilty to 30 counts of sexual assault in 2021
  • He has been in prison since his arrest in 2020 after 12 rape allegations
  • Judge determined the star has ‘incurable neurocognitive decline’ 

Porn star Ron Jeremy was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial in Los Angeles on rape and other sex charges involving 21 women, City News Service reported on Tuesday.

Jeremy, 69, pleaded not guilty in August 2021 to more than 30 counts of sexual assault, including 12 of rape, in the Los Angeles area over a 23-year period. He has been in prison since his arrest in June 2020.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald S. Harris said in a hearing that he had determined, based on reports from prosecutors and Jeremy’s defense, that the actor suffered from ‘incurable neurocognitive decline,’ according to the Associated Press.

Attorney Stuart Goldfarb, who represents Jeremy, had told the court in March 2022 that his client had been unable to recognize him when he visited him in a holding cell before a court hearing.

Porn star Ron Jeremy was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial in Los Angeles on rape and other sex charges (pictured in June 2020)

His severe dementia has been determined by a review of medical documents and interviews with Jeremy. 

A hearing on whether to place Jeremy in a state hospital will be held next month, the Associated Press said.

Jeremy was among the biggest names in the adult film industry, appearing in more than 2,000 movies starting in the 1970s.

In August 2020, Jeremy wrote on Twitter: ‘I can’t wait to prove my innocence in court! Thank you to everyone for all the support.’

Prosecutors allege Jeremy – born Ronald Jeremy Hyatt – restrained some of the women and raped or sodomized them – and had sex with others who were sleeping or unconscious.

Ron Jeremy pictured in 1988

The counts against Jeremy included 12 of forcible rape, seven of forcible oral copulation, six of sexual battery, and two of penetration while the victim was asleep or unconscious, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The alleged offenses took place at night clubs and bars in the Los Angeles area, during a photo shoot, and at Jeremy’s home, the District Attorney’s office said.

Jeremy was charged with four counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object and two counts of sexual penetration of an unconscious or asleep person. 

Further charges included one count each of lewd act upon a child under the age of 14 or 15, sodomy by use of force and assault with intent to commit rape. 

LA District Attorney George Gascón said Jeremy’s alleged sexual assaults happened over the course of more than 23 years and involved 21 victims ranging in age from 15 to 51. 

Jeremy is alleged to have sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl referred to as ‘Jane Doe 5’ on June 12, 2004, penetrating her with a foreign object, according to the August 19 indictment obtained by 

Another girl, 17, was allegedly raped in 2008 at a home in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. She was referred to as ‘Jane Doe 22’ in the court documents.

Porn star Ron Jeremy was indicted on 30 charges for the alleged sexual assault and forcible rape of 21 women and girls, some as young as 15 years old

Prosecutors allege Jeremy – born Ronald Jeremy Hyatt – restrained some of the women and raped or sodomized them – and had sex with others who were sleeping or unconscious

Among the first allegations against Jeremy, prosecutors claim he raped a 19-year-old woman during a photo shoot in the San Fernando Valley in October 1996.

Later, Jeremy allegedly raped a 26-year-old woman at a party in a nightclub in Los Angeles County in October 2000, officials said.

The indictment alleges that Jeremy ‘unlawfully’ had sexual intercourse with ‘Jane Doe 19’ in 2000 by means ‘force, violence, duress, menace or fear of immediate and unlawfully bodily injury.’

Jeremy was also accused of sexually assaulting another woman at a strip club in City of Industry at some point between 2002 and 2003, officials said.

Another woman, 21, went to Jeremy’s home where she was allegedly sexually assaulted in 2010. She was referred to as ‘Jane Doe 23’ in the court documents.

In January 2013, Jeremy allegedly sexually assaulted a 38-year-old woman at a West Hollywood bar he frequented, officials said.

The most recent allegations stem from January 2020 when Jeremy raped and sodomized a woman identified in the court documents as ‘Jane Doe 17,’ the indictment claims.

‘Far too often, survivors of sexual assault suffer in isolation,’ Gascón said.

‘We must ensure that survivors have all options available to help with recovery, including trauma-informed services for healing and support to report such crimes.’ 

Ron Jeremy: the porn star who went mainstream before sex charges tanked his career 

Ron Jeremy, also known by his nickname ‘The Hedgehog,’ was born to a middle-class Jewish family in Queens, New York in 1953, according to his memoir Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz.

He graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo High School where he performed in theatrical productions including the musical Oklahoma, according to Village Voice.

According to his IMDB biography, Jeremy earned a masters degree from Queens College and became a special education teacher in the New York City area. 

He eventually left teaching to pursue becoming an actor on Broadway, and in 1978 had first brush with pornography when a girlfriend sent his photo to Playgirl magazine for appearance in its ‘Boy Next Door’ pages.

Jeremy has since been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for ‘Most Appearances in Adult Films’ and won several adult film acting awards.

He has been listed as having 2,542 performance credits in the Internet Adult Film Database. He has directed an additional 296 adult films.

Jeremy, who was active as a porn star from 1979 until 2018, has also acted in a number of mainstream films and television series, including appearances in Ghostbusters and The Boondock Saints.

He has also competed on Wheel of Fortune and appeared in a segment of The Chappelle Show, and numerous music videos for artists including Kid Rock, Moby, Guns & Roses and Sublime.

Jeremy has also had several business endeavors including opening a swingers nightclub in Portland, Oregon which closed in 2015. 

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