Prince Harry slams Camilla as 'a villain' and says she was 'dangerous'

‘Camilla was dangerous’: Prince Harry launches a blistering attack on Queen Consort, branding her a ‘VILLAIN’ and claiming her ‘need to rehabilitate her image’ after affair with Charles would end ‘with bodies left in the street’

  • Prince Harry sat down with 60 Minutes’ Anderson Cooper to promote his book
  • During the interview – his second of the day – Harry, 38, attacked his father’s wife 
  • Said that she ‘needed to rehabilitate her image’ after Princess Diana branded her the ‘third person in her marriage’ to now-King Charles in a 1995 TV interview 
  • Harry claims her ‘connections with the press’ made her dangerous and that ‘there was an open willingness on both sides to trade information’ 
  • In Spare, Harry wrote that he and William begged Charles not to marry Camilla 
  • Also accused her of plotting to take the Crown after marrying Charles
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Prince Harry today launched another extraordinary attack on King Charles’ wife Camilla, branding her ‘dangerous’ and a ‘villain’, as he continued his publicity book for his explosive memoir Spare. 

The 38-year-old Duke of Sussex to aim at the Queen Consort while speaking with CBS News’ 60 Minutes host Anderson Cooper, who questioned Harry about several very damaging allegations he made about Camilla in the book’s pages. 

Referring back to a 1995 interview in which his mother, Princess Diana, famously referred to Camilla as the ‘third person in her marriage’, Harry says that this admission turned the now-Queen Consort into a ‘villain’, adding: ‘She needed to rehabilitate her image.’ 

According to Harry – who also reveals in his book that he and William ‘begged’ their father not to marry Camilla – this desire to transform her public image made her ‘dangerous’. 

He accuses his step-mother of ‘trading information’ with the press in an attempt to get more positive stories written about herself, before sensationally suggesting that her ‘connections’ with the media would end up with ‘people or bodies left in the street’. 

Prince Harry has launched another round of sensational attacks on King Charles’ wife Camilla in a new TV interview to promote his explosive memoir Spare 

While speaking to CBS News’ 60 Minutes, Harry, 38, branded his stepmother ‘dangerous’ and called her a ‘villain’ 

The Duke claimed that Camilla forged ‘connections’ with the press in the UK in order to try and ‘rehabilitate her image’ and get ‘positive stories’ written about her 

‘[Her need to rehabilitate her image] made her dangerous because of the connections that she that she was forging within the British press,’ he told Cooper. 

‘And there was open willingness on both sides to trade of information. And with a family built on hierarchy, and with her, on the way to being Queen Consort, there was gonna be people or bodies left in the street because of that.’

Princess Diana’s interview with the BBC’s Martin Bashir in 1995 marked the first time that she had publicly addressed claims that Charles and Camilla had an affair during her marriage to the then-Prince of Wales. 

At the time, she sensationally told Bashir: ‘There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.’ 

As the Duke once again blasts his closest family members in the 60 Minutes – just over one hour after his sit-down with British TV host Tom Bradby finished airing – interview, can reveal he also: 

  • Claims he was ‘not invited’ on the plane that his family took up to Balmoral upon learning that the Queen was unwell 
  • Admits that he used to look at videos of his mother, Diana, and ‘go over memories of her’ in an attempt to make himself cry 
  • Says his brother, Prince William, initially refused to believe that Diana was really dead and that they both believed she ‘would call us and we would go and join her’
  • Reveals he took psychedelic drugs like ayahuasca and psilocybin as ‘experimental treatments’ and says they ‘cleared the… misery of loss’ for him 
  • Believes that psychedelics can ‘work as a medicine’ for those who are ‘suffering from a huge amount of loss, grief, or trauma’
  • Suggests he and Meghan will never renounce their titles because ‘what difference would it make’
  • Defends his decision to air his grievances against his family so publicly, suggesting public attacks are the only ‘language that perhaps they understand’
  • Admits that he has not spoken to his brother or his father ‘in a while’ 

Princess Diana’s interview with the BBC’s Martin Bashir in 1995 marked the first time that she publicly addressed claims that Charles and Camilla had an affair during her marriage

His latest attack on Camilla comes after he revealed in his book, Spare, that he and William ‘begged’ Charles not to marry her 

Harry also claims that what he saw as Camilla’s desire to ‘be on the front page [and] have positive stories written about [her]’ came from his family’s belief that positive media coverage would ‘improve your reputation or increase the chances of you being accepted as monarch by the British public’. 

‘My family helped to drive out Meghan’: Harry launches extraordinary new attack on Royals, branding them ‘abusers’ who planted stories to rehabilitate their own reputations


‘If you are led to believe, as a member of the family, that being on the front page, having positive headlines, positive stories written about you, is going to improve your reputation or increase the chances of you being accepted as monarch by the British public, then that’s what you’re gonna do,’ he adds. 

The Duke’s sensational public attack on Camilla is the latest in a line of barbs that he has flung at his stepmother – having already painted what Cooper describes as a very ‘unflattering portrayal’ of her in his explosive memoir Spare, which was accidentally released in Spain last week.

In the book, Harry makes similar accusations against Camilla in regard to her so-called ‘connections’ with the press, accusing her of leaking information to the media as part of a ‘campaign’ to take the Crown.

In an extraordinary passage in his autobiography, the Duke of Sussex writes: ‘Shortly after our private meetings with her, she began to develop her long-term strategy, a campaign directed at marriage and with time, the Crown (with the blessing of our father, we supposed). 

‘News stories started appearing in all the newspapers about her conversations with Willy, stories which recounted lots of small details, none of which came from my brother, of course.’ 

The Duke also claims that he and his brother William ‘begged’ the then-Prince of Wales not to remarry after Princess Diana’s death, fearing that she would be their ‘wicked stepmother’.

During his 60 Minutes interview, Harry said that both he and William didn’t think it was ‘necessary’ for Charles to wed Camilla, telling Cooper: ‘We didn’t think it was necessary. We thought that it was gonna cause more harm than good and that if he was now with his person, that– surely that’s enough. Why go that far when you don’t necessarily need to? 

‘We wanted him to be happy. And we saw how happy he was with her. So, at the time, it was, “Okay.”‘

Charles had tried to win over his sons before asking the public to accept Camilla, the book claims. Harry then astonishingly says that meeting the future Queen Consort for the first time was like an ‘injection’. He later says that ultimately he and William approved of Camilla.

He writes: ‘I remember wondering… if she would be cruel to me; if she would be like all the wicked stepmothers in the stories.’

Prince Harry says taking psychedelic DRUGS helped him deal with the ‘grief’ and ‘trauma’ of Princess Diana’s death 

 The Duke of Sussex , 38, called psychedelics like ayahuasca and magic mushrooms his ‘medicine’ after the huge ‘loss’ of his mother in 1997

Prince Harry credited the use of psychedelic drugs with helping him deal with the ‘grief’ and ‘trauma’ he felt after the tragic death of his mom, Princess Diana. 

The Duke of Sussex, 38, called psychedelics like ayahuasca and magic mushrooms his ‘medicine’ after the huge ‘loss’ of his mother in 1997.

While Harry was only 12 when Diana tragically died in a car accident, he admitted in his upcoming book, Spare, that he struggled to come to grips with her sudden passing.

Now he has shared more details about his mother’s death, explaining that he only cried once over his mother’s death – when her coffin was put in the ground – and that he was plagued with guilt over feeling like he was not being emotional enough over her passing for years. 

But the former royal said using psychedelics when he got older ultimately ‘cleared away the idea’ that he needed be sad to prove he ‘missed’ his mom. 

‘I would never recommend people to do this recreationally,’ he said during the one-hour tell-all interview. 

‘But doing it with the right people if you are suffering from a huge amount of loss, grief or trauma, then these things have a way of working as a medicine.

‘For me, they cleared the windscreen, the windshield, the misery of loss. They cleared away this idea that I had in my head that … I needed to cry to prove to my mother that I missed her. When in fact, all she wanted was for me to be happy.’

Prince Harry reveals he used to watch videos of his mother Princess Diana online in a desperate attempt to CRY about her death

Prince Harry has candidly admitted that he used to watch videos of his late mother Princess Diana and ‘muster up memories of her’ in an attempt to cry over her death. 

The 38-year-old revealed his ‘guilt’ at not being able to shed a tear about Diana’s tragic passing in 1997. 

‘There was this weight on my chest that I felt for so many years that I was never able to cry,’ he told host Anderson Cooper, according to a transcript of the interview that received ahead of the pre-taped interview’s release. 

‘So I was constantly trying to find a way to cry, but… in even sitting on my sofa and going over as many memories as I could muster up about my mum. And sometimes I watched videos online.’

However, Harry says that, no matter how hard he tried, he ‘couldn’t’ shed a tear – something that filled him with ‘guilt’ for years. 

Harry explained during the sit down that he believes he didn’t cry over Diana’s death because he had ‘refused to accept that she was gone.’ 

He added that there was a huge ‘weight on his chest’ that he ‘felt for so many years’ over not shedding more tears – and that he even tried watching videos of her to bring forth his emotions. 

‘I was constantly trying to find a way to cry, even sitting on my sofa and going over as many memories as I could muster up about my mum,’ he added. ‘And sometimes I watched videos online.’

Harry says that, no matter how hard he tried, he ‘couldn’t’ shed a tear – something that filled him with ‘guilt’ for years

Harry says that Prince William believed their mother Princess Diana was ALIVE for years – saying both brothers thought she had just ‘disappeared’ and would one day come and get them

Prince Harry revealed that his older brother Prince William was convinced that their mother, Princess Diana, was alive, saying that both brothers believed she would one day get in touch with her sons and whisk them away. 

According to Harry, he and William ‘talked about’ the idea that their mother had not died in the 1997 Paris car crash that saved her life, but had instead decided to ‘disappear for a time’ – with the Duke of Sussex explaining that they believed it was ‘all part of a plan’. 

‘For a long time, I just refused to accept that she was… she was gone,’ said. ‘Um, part of, you know, she would never do this to us, but also part of, maybe this is all part of a plan.

‘[I believed she had disappeared] for a time, and then that she would call us and that we would go and join her, yeah.’ 

Harry – who also wrote about this in his bombshell new memoir Spare – added to Cooper that his brother ‘had similar thoughts’, saying: ‘William and I talked about it as well. He had similar thoughts.’

He admitted that he kept this belief alive for ‘many, many years’, adding that he ‘had huge amounts of hope’ that his mother would one day return to be with her children – until he ultimately demanded that he be given access to the police report about her death, which contained graphic images of the scene of her crash. 

According to Harry, he wanted to see these images because they provided ‘proof’ that she had really gone. 

‘Proof that she was in the car,’ he told Cooper when asked why he’d requested to see the report. ‘Proof that she was injured. And proof that the very paparazzi that chased her into the tunnel were the ones that were taking photographs – photographs of her lying half dead on the back seat of the car.’

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