Princes William and Harry may have visited paedo billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion when they were children, court documents suggest – The Sun

PRINCES William and Harry may have met paedophile Jeffrey Epstein when they were children, bombshell court documents appear to suggest.

Epstein, 66, who died on Saturday after apparently hanging himself in his New York jail cell, was pals with the boys’ uncle Andrew for over a decade.

The creepy billionaire’s maintenance man at his Palm Beach mansion, Juan Alessi, is quoted in the court docs as saying that he, as a worker of Epstein’s, had met “Prince Diana’s secretary with her children”.

His testimony was among more than 2,000 pages relating to the defamation case filed by Virginia Giuffre – who previously claimed she had sex with Prince Andrew “three times.”

The Duke of York vehemently denies all allegations made against him.

When quizzed about the statement Alessi declined to comment – as did a spokesman for the two princes when approached by The Sun.

During testimony relating to “celebrities” he had personally met while working for Epstein, Mr Alessi reeled off a list of names, but no other context was given in the court papers.

His full quote said: “I then listed Senator Mitchell, Prince Andrew, Princess Sarah Ferguson, Miss Yugoslavia, Miss Germany, Alan Dershowitz, Princess Diana’s secretary with her children, Mr Trump, Mr Robert Kennedy Jr, Frederik Fekkai, and a couple Noble prize winners as celebrities that I had seen while working for Mr Epstein.”


Alessi worked at Epstein’s Palm Beach pad from 1991 to 2002.

Diana’s secretary’s name is not given and it is unclear if the former mansion worker meant a female secretary’s children or princes William and Harry.

The claim was questioned by Diana’s ex-secretary Patrick Jephson – who became her full-time private secretary in 1992 after she separated from Prince Charles.

He told The Sun: “I can't think of any occasion when Mr Epstein would have any claim to say he had given hospitality to the Princess of Wales.

“To my knowledge Princess Diana only ever went to Florida once and that was to Disney World (in 1993).

“I would not be surprised if a lot of British Royal names are being cited in this because it is well known that Mr Epstein and Prince Andrew were certainly socially acquainted.”

Asked if there were any female secretaries of Diana’s, Mr Jephson added: “Royal people have a private secretary and apart from that Diana did not have any secretaries.”

Diana did not visit Miami before or after the Orlando trip in 1993 when she visited the theme park with William and Harry and socialite pals Katie Menzies and Catharine Soames.

Mr Alessi, who lives in Palm Beach, declined to comment when approached by The Sun.

It’s not the first link Epstein has had to Princess Diana – her brother Earl Spencer’s details were found in the financier’s contacts book.


The disgraced banker, who was awaiting trial for child sex trafficking charges when he died, is known to have been friends with Prince Andrew.

He was pictured at the Queen’s Sandringham estate on December 8, 2000 as guest of the Duke.

Epstein was seen with his British lover Ghislaine Maxwell taking part in a pheasant shoot on the sprawling Norfolk property with the Andrew and others.

Princes William and Harry, who would have been aged 16 and 18 at the time, stayed at Sandringham less than three weeks later for Christmas with their family.

Epstein, who was jailed for child prostitution charges in Florida in 2008, is believed to have partied with father-of-two Andrew at Windsor Castle.

The Duke of York, 59, who divorced Sarah Ferguson in 1996, was also pictured holidaying in Phuket, Thailand, with the controversial financier and several topless women in 2001.

And following Epstein’s 2008 conviction, Andrew was pictured walking in Central Park with the convicted sex offender in February 2011.

The unsealed Epstein files claim the paedo and Maxwell invited Prince Andrew to meet Giuffre in London to help him get over the “fresh wounds still lingering on” after his divorce.

There she was forced to have sex with him, according to the documents.

Another file describes a sexual encounter between Guiffre and the prince in a bathtub.

The slew of documents also included claims from a woman named Johanna Sjoberg who alleges the Duke touched her breast in 2001 at Epstein’s New York home.

Prince Andrew strongly denies all allegations made against him.

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