Princess Diana’s former bodyguard claims he once fell asleep protecting Queen

Princess Diana's former bodyguard claims he once fell asleep when he was supposed to be protecting the Queen.

In what could arguably be one of the most important postings, requiring full alertness and the possibility to have to leap into action at any given moment, Lee Sansum admitted being "not fit for purpose" when guarding the Queen.

Lee – who protected Diana during her fateful 1997 St Tropez trip – guarded the Queen during his time with the military police when she visited Northern Ireland during the troubles.

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In 1979, the monarch was personally affected by the violence that marred the country when her second cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten was murdered by the Provisional IRA.

Sansum was standing guard in an Army Land Rover when he 'fell asleep' while on duty.

The 60 year old, who was born in Salford, told the Anything Goes podcast: "You're used to working long hours [in close protection jobs.]

"You stay until it's finished.

"The worst I've done is three days.

"I was standing up asleep because we were just knackered.

"I remember this one job when the Queen came over to Northern Ireland."

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He continued: "She had her protection with her and we were the next ring of protection looking after her, and I was absolutely hanging.

"At the end of it I was doing top cover in the Land Rovers and I fell asleep in that position.

"There was nothing we could do, we were banging helmets, we were knackered.

"So operationally you're not fit for purpose."


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