Protestor tackled by Macron in Amsterdam amid pension reform backlash

Dramatic moment protester is tackled to the ground yards away from Emmanuel Macron as anger over controversial pensions reform follows French president to Amsterdam

  • French president faces mounting backlash over controversial pension reforms
  • Emmanuel Macron was yesterday heckled at The Hague over the unpopular bill

Video captured the moment a protester was tackled and detained by Dutch police after running towards Emmanuel Macron on a visit to the University of Amsterdam.

The man was heard to shout ‘We are here! We are here!’ as he charged towards a gathering of people around the French president, before security grabbed him.

Yesterday, arriving in Netherlands to give a speech on European sovereignty, Macron was heckled in The Hague as protesters called out: ‘Where is French democracy?’ 

TV footage showed a protester echo the sentiments while pinned down: ‘For the honour of the workers and a better world, even if Macron doesn’t like it, we are here.’

A demonstrator is detained by police officers as French President Emmanuel Macron and Dutch King Willem-Alexander arrive at the University of Amsterdam on Wednesday

A protester is detained by police after being seen to run at Macron near the university. The French presidential couple is paying a two-day state visit to the Netherlands

In the video, a crowd is seen gathering around the president at the University of Amsterdam.

The protester ran towards Macron and was tackled to the ground, knocking over a man in uniform, according to images on social media.

The incident happened just after the French president had got out of a limousine with Dutch King Willem-Alexander, greeted by Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema. 

Police confirmed they had arrested two people ‘for running towards the president, for disturbing public order and threatening.’

Amsterdam police spokesperson Lex can Liebergen told Afp: ‘It was a man and a woman, protesters. One of them had a banner.’

There was a separate small group of demonstrators but it was not clear if they were linked to the arrested protesters, she added.

Similarly, on Tuesday, protestors held up banners at the start of the speech at The Hague.

Demonstrators stood in an upper tier of the theatre and shouted ‘You have millions of protesters in the streets’ while holding up a banner that read ‘President of Violence and Hypocrisy’. 

Macron is in Amsterdam to sign an agreement to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, developing digital technology and building more sustainable industrial sectors.

Later today, Macron is scheduled to speak to Prime Minister Mark Rutte and visit Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum.

Demonstrators on Tuesday protest Macron amid pension reform backlash, at The Hague

Before visiting The Netherlands, Macron visited China. During the three-day visit, he was met with a very different reception, praised for his ‘brilliant’ comments after he suggested Europe need not follow US policy on Taiwan.

Macron sowed confusion across the international community after calling for ‘strategic autonomy’ on Taiwan following the visit. Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo accused the French president of ‘appeasement’ over the ‘ill-conceived’ remarks.

Students chased Macron in Guangzhou, looking for selfies. CCP-affiliated outlet The Global Times said the comments represented a path that was ‘relatively objective, rational and in line with Europe’s own interests.’

This comes amid heightened tensions around the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, with China looking to extend its influence in disputed waters. On Sunday, Chinese and Taiwanese vessels were trapped in a ‘stand off’ as China carried out simulated strikes on ‘key targets’ nearby.

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