New IT products and projects have recently been launched owing to a new Ukrainian technological company Roosh. Its objectives are primarily focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Sergey Tokarev, an IT entrepreneur, Roosh founder and Reface investor, tells us about the situation with AI and ML in Ukraine.

There were many rumors about establishing a new company for a long time, but only in mid-July the Roosh founder Tokarev announced it on his Facebook page. He wrote that the team and he set the main and crucial goal to evolve a structured business: to release projects started back in 2020 and round them up in one company.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the company aims to design various technological directions on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This area is rapidly growing and reinforcing its position in IT and related industries. Due to Stanford University statistics, the most invested areas are AI and ML. The reports confirm its increased investment to 60% (more than $40 billion).

Projects by the Roosh company

The main partners of Roosh are Den Dmitrenko, the Reface founder, Sergey Kartashov, the financier and IT asset management specialist, Eugene Kozytskyi, and Kiril Ukho.

Despite its recent establishment, the Roosh team has a few finished projects. Sergey Tokarev mentions the Reface app that ranks the top in the App Store and bypasses YouTube, TikTok, Netflix, and Zoom. This app allows swapping faces on videos and gifs. The number of its downloads signifies its wide popularity and useability: 100 million downloads in 14 months.

Another significant project of the Roosh company is Pawa, a venture capital studio specializing in creating ML projects. As the founder notices, this project reveals an opportunity to spread ML ideas from concept to build an entire company. The Roosh team plans to develop the largest startup accelerator in Europe, prioritizing AI and ML and aims at media, gaming, finance, and healthcare.

Another Roosh’s startup is ZibraAI that produces 3D rendering and 3D objects with the use of neural networks. The founders follow the goal to reach a complete similarity of the visual game to reality. This project was launched this summer.

Sergey Tokarev mentions one more project highly essential in supporting startups, Roosh Ventures. This venture capital fund offers financial assistance to startups to grow faster and finds the most promising projects related to early-stage projects in the US and Europe. Tokarev gives an example of one of the fund’s portfolio investments, the Oura project. It is a unique mobile app that regulates data and settings and a ring-tracker that tracks breathing rate, heart rate, temperature, activity, movements, and other metrics.

The Roosh founder is convinced that AI and ML are the future. These technological innovations are getting involved in people’s lives with tremendous speed: from computer games with the gaming reality to applications that automatically generate, correct, and translate texts.

Nevertheless, Sergey Tokarev believes that the crucial task for Roosh is to provide qualitative changes in the IT market of Ukraine. He adds that there is a high demand for Ukrainian ML specialists globally, and it is overgrowing. For this reason, they often leave the country or opt for outsourcing work. That is why the Roosh team strives to motivate Ukrainian specialists to stay and work in the country by launching ambitious projects.

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