Shocking moment baby spotted wandering the streets alone in Australia

Shocking moment baby is spotted wandering the streets alone before a good samaritan comes to her rescue

  • Man saw little girl wandering on road
  • He pulled over and jumped to her aid 

A shaken motorist has shared the terrifying moment he spotted a baby wandering on the road alone in Tasmania.

Chris Burdon, a whiskey distiller from Forcett, captured the little girl wandering onto the road on his dashcam earlier this week.

He pulled over and slowly approached the infant before asking her what her name was and if she knew where her mum was.

‘Where’s your mumma darling? Do you know where your mummy is?’ he asks.

‘Does she live around her? Do you want me to help you find your mum?’

Chris Burdon, a whiskey distiller from Tasmania, captured the little girl wandering onto the road on his dash cam earlier this week (pictured)

The little girl tries to walk past Mr Burdon so he holds out his hand and asks her to sit down on the footpath beside him so he can reunite her with her parents.   

‘When I was on the phone to the police a very scared, a very worried, a very shocked father came out of one of the houses we walked past while trying to track down one of the child’s parents,’ Mr Burdon explained.

Mr Burdon asked Aussies not to criticise the parents of the little girl, saying they were as shocked as he was upon discovering the little girl. 

‘It was all an innocent mistake, mum had left for work, the door hadn’t shut properly, bubs went out the door after mum,’ he explained. 

‘It hadn’t really sunk in to dad but his story was genuine to me, the police were happy with his story so if their happy with it, just be ok with it. 

‘He’d be kicking himself enough, trust me. But yes there was a happy ending, it was the most scared I’ve been for a long, long time.’

Mr Burdon then shared an important message with parents in lieu of the close call. 

‘Hug your kids guys. Look after yourselves,’ he said. 

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