Shocking moment breeder screams at airline staff to see his dogs

‘Where are my dogs? They’re my life! My children!’ Breeder’s shocking meltdown at airline staff after arriving in Turkey and being told he was not allowed to see his four pets who flew out with him

  • Joao Paulo de Costa, a dog breeder from Criciuma, Brazil, suffered a breakdown
  • He fell into a delirious tantrum when airport staff said he could not see his dogs 

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a distraught passenger suffered a breakdown when airline staff said he could not see his beloved dogs.

Joao Paulo de Costa, a dog breeder from Criciuma, Brazil, said launched into an epic tantrum in the arrivals hall at Istanbul airport, at one point hurling himself to the floor in despair.

‘Where are my dogs?! I have four dogs. I can’t see my dogs! Show me my dogs! Where! You’re crazy!’ Joao exclaimed in astonishing video captured by fellow passengers.

‘My children! I wanna see my doggies!’ he screamed, before collapsing to the floor and stomping the ground in floods of tears.

Joao’s meltdown was the result of not being able to see his beloved pets during a stop-over in Turkey having travelled to the Philippines with his five Papillon spaniels to participate in a canine beauty contest.

Joao is seen in the throes of despair when the airline told him he could not see his dogs

The breeder is seen pleading with airport staff before descending into a tantrum

Joao had attended a dog beauty contest with his Papillon spaniels in the Philippines before he arrived in Istanbul

He had a layover in Istanbuk upon his return from the contest, but when he arrived at Istanbul airport he discovered the airline had cancelled his connecting flight to Switzerland where he intended to stay with friends.

With one of his prized pooches in tow, Joao headed to the airline help desk to inquire about the rest of his pets, but claims that staff wouldn’t allow him to see them.

Clips of the incident shared on social media by onlookers showed Joao in the throes of delirium, screaming and crying for the airline to show him his animals. 

The situation quickly escalated and Joao was overcome by what he later described as a ‘supernatural force’.

One video of the astounding tantrum quickly went viral and gained over 6 million views on social media site TikTok. 

Joao ran around the concourse yelling and screaming at the staff to let him see the dogs

He later collapsed to the ground, stomping the airport floor and wailing

The dog breeder later addressed the tantrum in an Instagram post, claiming he was overtaken by a ‘supernatural force’  in his despair

Joao is seen with his pets on the way to the Philippines

Speaking to Brazilian outlet Globo in his home state of Santa Catarina, Joao explained that the airline had cancelled his connecting flight due to overbooking, but could not initially locate the four dogs that were supposed to be travelling in the hold.

‘I said: ”I have four dogs in the hold on this flight. I want to know where they are. If my flight was cancelled, I want to see my dogs”,’ the breeder told Globo.

The situation was later resolved when police at the airport approached the commotion and instructed the airline to locate the dogs and reunite them with their owner. 

Joao told MailOnline: ‘From the moment (I saw the dogs) I calmed down! The dogs are my loves, I didn’t have the chance to have human children.

‘They participate in dog shows with me and we have a very happy life together! I would do anything to protect them – they are my life, my world.’

In an Instagram video posted to address the viral video, Joao said that the situation was resolved quickly at the airport. 

‘Thank God we arrived safely in Switzerland. Everyone is very happy,’ he said. 

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