Steve Bannon Defends Donald Trump, Lashes Out At Koch Brothers

‘What they have to do is shut up and get with the program,’ Bannon said.

Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported about a Koch network gathering at a luxury resort in Colorado Springs. Influential billionaire, conservative political donor Charles Koch, vowed to hold the Republican Party accountable, while slamming Donald Trump’s trade policies.

The Kochs, they said, are willing to support anyone who agrees with their free market, regardless of their political affiliation. The GOP, which has been touting economic growth allegedly caused by Trump’s protectionism ahead of the midterm elections, has gone down the wrong path, according to Charles Koch, who claims Trump’s protectionism could even result in a recession.

This seems to have angered Donald Trump’s former White House Chief Strategist, and former executive chairman of Breitbart News, Steve Bannon. In an interview with Politico published today, Bannon jumped at the chance to defend Donald Trump, while at the same time slamming the Koch network, telling the influential brothers to “shut up and get with the program,” in what some would consider a threatening tone.

“What they have to do is shut up and get with the program, OK? And here’s the program: Ground game to support Trump’s presidency and program, [and] victory on Nov. 6.”

Apart from criticizing Trump’s economic policies, some influential members of the Koch network, like James Davis, a spokesman for the Kochs, also accused the POTUS of causing division, and hurting the American people. This, too, seems to have angered Bannon, who told Politico that now is not the time for theoretical discussion.

“We can have a theoretical discussion later, OK? This is why they don’t know what it means to win, OK? We don’t have time to have some theoretical discussion and to have their spokesman come out and say the president is divisive.”

The Koch brothers “put a knife” in Donald Trump’s back, Bannon added, so it is “unacceptable” for them to come out and openly criticize the POTUS.

James Davis shrugged off Bannon’s criticism, telling Politico that the network is looking forward to working with the president, as well as the U.S. Congress.

A driving force behind the right-wing Breitbart News, Steve Bannon was, according to BBC, considered to be one of the key figures in Donald Trump’s White House. According to the Atlantic, Donald Trump turned his back on Bannon, claiming he does not “represent” his base. As the same outlet further noted, Bannon believes he played a large role in Trump’s election victory, which the POTUS seems to dispute.

Steve Bannon, however, seems to have remained loyal to Donald Trump.

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