Sunak vows to end 'war on motorists', starting with single app

Sunak vows to end ‘war on motorists’, starting with single app to pay for parking to be rolled out nationwide

Drivers will be able to pay for parking anywhere in the country using a single app as part of a Government package to end the ‘war on motorists’.

Rishi Sunak announced the pledge last night with the aim of saving motorists from having to download multiple smartphone applications for different locations.

A ‘national parking platform’ has been piloted but will be rolled out everywhere.

The wider plans include larger fines for utility firms that create traffic hell with late-running roadworks.

Fines for works that extend into busy weekends will also be increased.

Rishi Sunak announced the single parking app policy tonight with the aim of saving motorists from having to download multiple smartphone applications for different locations

LTNs are used by local councils attempt limit traffic in town and city centres – with drivers often prevented from using quiet residential roads as through-routes


Town halls will be given the tools to introduce more lane rental schemes, where utility firms have to pay to dig up the busiest roads at peak times.

The proposals mean at least half of the extra money raised will go directly toward tackling potholes and resurfacing roads.

The Prime Minister is hoping to gain support from drivers by sketching out more of the ‘Plan for Motorists’ at the Tory party conference in Manchester, starting this weekend. It will limit council powers to impose 20mph speed zones in England, levy fines from traffic cameras and restrict the number of hours a day that cars are banned from bus lanes.

The PM said: ‘For too long politicians have focused on the short-term decisions with little regard for the long-term impact on hard-working families.

‘We’ve seen this consistently with people’s freedoms on transport. The clampdown on motorists is an attack on the day-to-day lives of most people across the UK who rely on cars to get to work or see their families.

‘This week the UK Government will set out a long-term plan to back drivers, slamming the brakes on anti-car measures across England. We are taking the necessary decision to back the motorists who keep our country moving.’

The intervention comes amid a raft of ‘anti-motorist’ measures nationwide.

These including clean air zones, such as London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone and low-traffic neighbourhoods. No 10 has already launched a review into the latter.

The Labour Welsh government imposed a blanket default 20mph speed limit on ‘restricted roads’ earlier this month.

The policy affects 7,700 miles of roads and more than 400,000 people have signed a petition calling for it to be reversed.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: ‘We’re introducing a plan to ensure drivers can enjoy smoother journeys, park more easily and no longer face unfair and oppressive traffic enforcement measures.’

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