Gay artist reveals his horror injuries after being viciously attacked by five men in a suspected ‘hate crime’

  • GRAPHIC WARNING: Artist shares injuries from sickening attack two months ago
  • Aaron bravely broke his silence about the physical, emotional and financial toll
  • Says he was the victim of hate crime and has been left with $10,000 medical bill

A young gay artist was savagely bashed unconscious by five thugs in a suspected ‘hate crime’ has shared harrowing photos and footage of his horrific injuries as the hunt for his attackers continues.

Aaron, 33, says he was kicked, punched and stomped on while trying to avoid an altercation with the group of unknown men on Sydney’s Oxford Street after a Saturday night out in June.

He was rushed to hospital where he later woke up not knowing where he was, bloodied, with a broken nose and his eyes swollen shut.

As NSW Police launch a public appeal and release CCTV images, Aaron has found the courage to bravely break his silence about the physical, emotional and financial toll the viscous attack has had on him in the two months since.

In an heartwrenching post, Aaron says he’s fortunate to be alive as he shared confronting footage of the extensive damage to his mouth and teeth which left him with a $10,000 medical bill.

Aaron suffered extensive facial injuries after he was kicked, punched and stomped on by five men in June

He also revealed he was concussed while filming his injuries due to the inflammation around his brain and ears.

‘I hold my hand on my heart when I say I wouldn’t wish this on anyone to go through, I’ve wanted to hide and this is so big for me to share, it’s taken a lot of energy, building up the strength to post and pray the public, can bring justice in a healthy/moral manner,’ he wrote.

‘I’II have a $10,000 dental bill, am having on going physio/chiro, counselling, doctor appointments and dentist as result of being victim of hate crime.’

‘Please help, share and repost this post so I and others can put a stop to this unnecessary violence!’

Aaron has since been inundated with support from followers as friends set up an online fundraiser for the man they described as a beautiful soul.

Aaron (pictured before the attack) has found the courage to speak out about the assault

Friends have rallied around Aaron (pictured in hospital) since the sickening attack

‘I thought I’d try to get some justice and help someone I care about,’ Alejandro Bareno wrote.

‘I have created this page to help Aaron get the justice he deserves after the disgusting attack. It is unbelievable and so sad that these acts are still happening; let’s show those people that in moments like this, we all come together.’

‘He had a broken nose, his eyes bashed and mouth and teeth displaced. 

‘No one should be a victim of hate crime against the peaceful and cheerful LGTBQIA+ community. Please help me to share and repost this page so we can put a stop to this awful acts of violence against our community.’

Surry Hills Police has renewed its public appeal by releasing images of several men they’d like to speak about the incident which happened in Darlinghurst on the corner of Oxford and Riley Street around 4am on June 26.

Aaron (pictured) says he’s lucky to be alive after he was kicked, punched and stomped on

‘Five males attempted to instigate a fight with the victim, the victim attempted to avoid the confrontation and walked away,’ police said.

‘One of the males approached the victim and punched him several times in the face, causing facial injuries. The victim was later transported to hospital due to injuries sustained.’

Anyone who witnessed or has information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

NSW Police has renewed its appeal by sharing  CCTV images of several of the men

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