Thorpe Park visitors claim site is in lockdown

Panic at Thorpe Park as visitors are put into lockdown and police rush to the site over fears of a ‘stabbing’

  • Thorpe Park has allegedly been locked down as visitors report a stabbing 
  • Visitors took to Twitter to report a heavy police presence at the entrance
  • Some were told to stay inside the park by officers as they tried to head home 

Thorpe Park has been locked down after an alleged stabbing, reports have claimed.

Visitors at the Surrey theme park have claimed two people were injured during an attack at the site. 

Visitors tweeted that the park was closed with members of the public shut inside as police officer dealt with the scene – although this has not been confirmed.

Emergency services have rushed to the bridge at the main entrance to the park and photos from the scene show a heavy police presence.

One person said: ‘Rides closed everyone was leaving but they had to hold everyone back so rides have reopened while the incident is dealt with. (sic).’

Visitors at the Surrey theme park have claimed two people were injured during an attack at the site. Pictured, crowds forming

Another commented: ‘Some absolutely heartbreaking rumours coming out of Thorpe Park now.

‘Apparently a stabbing has occurred on the bridge.

‘The park has made the right decision to keep rides open whilst they deal with the situation. Stay safe everyone.’

A third added: ‘Unreal day at Thorpe Park! Leaving the park now and friends and I are all okay but something went down here today.

‘The police wouldn’t let any of us leave, they had a screen across the bridge which they’ve taken down, and had a police dog underneath the bridge.’ 

Visitor Tony Stone told SurreyLive he is currently at Thorpe Park with his children who are ‘concerned and upset’.

Mr Stone said: ‘I’m here with my children who are very concerned and upset.

‘We could see paramedics working on someone on the bridge. We have been told to come back in the park.’

Another said: ‘There’s reports of a stabbing. The bridge has been cornered off with police tape and there was police dogs. Guests are slowly leaving via the other side of the bridge and all hotel guests are in the bar and restaurant.’ 

More to follow. 

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