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THIS is the moment a sex-mad squaddie exposed his guilt at attempting to murder his wife in a failed parachute plot with three tell-tale gestures.

Emile Cilliers sabotaged his wife Victoria's parachute in a gruesome plan to kill her.

The Army sergeant was £22,000 in debt and hoping for a £120,000 payout if she died.

Love rat Cilliers was also cheating on Victoria with his Tinder lover Stefanie Goller and his ex-wife Carly.

But experienced skydiver Victoria miraculously survived the 4,000ft fall after "everything went black" as she plummeted to the ground.

Documentary Faking It has now explored how Cilliers' body language revealed his guilt while being interviewed by police.

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The cocky sergeant appears to be batting away the officer's questions but body language expert Dr Cliff Lansley says Cilliers is actually displaying fear.

He tells the show: "We’ve got the hand clamping around the front; this is muscle tension, tension fits with anxiety. The anxiety is highly likely to be the fear of being caught in a lie.

"He’s leaning back – this is a gestural retreat. So, we move back, away, when we’re afraid of something.

"And if you notice in the upper part of his body, his breath-rate is quite fast, and he’s breathing from his chest."

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The expert says the three gestures indicate Cilliers is lying to police.

He explains: “So, the combination of the muscle tension, leaning back and short breaths, tell us we can suspect deception is at play here.”

Brazen Cilliers can also be seen giving a sigh that shows he "can't be bothered" when he's asked to talk officers through standard parachute safety checks.

But the show reveals how his demeanour changes when his affair with Stefanie is mentioned.

The fiend switches from arrogance to crocodile tears as he claims the relationship is over.

But Dr Lansley points out Cilliers shoves his thumb in his eye to make himself cry.

He says: "We’ve seen this so often with perpetrators; when they can’t cry, they try and make themselves cry.

"So maybe he is trying to get her to back off? He’s trying to get some sympathy and empathy from the interviewing officer."


On Easter Sunday 2015, Cilliers removed two vital pieces of equipment called slinks from the chute while at the Army Parachute Association at Netheravon, Wilts.

Victoria's main parachute malfunctioned when its lines became twisted but the experienced skydiver cut away the canopy.

Then her reserve chute failed – sending her hurtling towards the ground at 60mph.

Miraculously, Victoria was only saved because she landed in a soft patch of newly-ploughed field – just 16ft from a small country lane that would have killed her instantly had she hit that instead.

As she lay with near-fatal injuries in hospital, Cilliers was messaging Tinder lover Stefanie a string of racy 50 Shades of Grey-inspired texts.

The love rat told his mistress to call him "Mr Grey" and asked her to be his "nude house cleaner".

He also told Stefanie: "I can't imagine anything like that happening to you. I think about you all the time."

Even during the police interview Cilliers struggled to mask his true feelings towards his wife.

He brutally told officers the marriage had been in trouble for a long time, adding: "It's not a marriage that I want to be in anymore".

Forensic Psychologist Kerry Daynes says: "He’s completely checked out of that relationship, he’s detached from it, he’s divorced from it, in his own mind already.

"Now, he’s talking about his wife with no trace of emotion. He doesn’t seem overly concerned about the fact that she’s lying in a hospital bed, fighting for her life."


Despite being convinced they had their prime suspect, police were forced to let Cilliers go due to a lack of evidence.

But it later emerged the parachute plot was not the first time he had attempted to murder his wife.

Just one week before the horror, Cilliers had tampered with a gas valve at their home in Amesbury, Wilts, in an attempt to cause an explosion.

Armed with the smoking gun they desperately needed, officers grilled Cilliers again – this time about the gas leak.

Although he played dumb at first, Cilliers then attempted to shift the blame on to a gas engineer he claimed had loosened nuts on the fitting.

But officers saw through his web of lies and the sergeant was charged with two counts of attempted murder.

During a trial, Victoria described the harrowing moment she fell to the ground.

She said: "The last thing I remember is trying to get some kind of control over it, trying to open as many cells as I could – then everything went black.

"I do not know if it was the G force or the impact but everything cut out."

In 2018, Cilliers was jailed for life with a minimum of 18 years after being convicted of two counts of attempted murder.

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Kerry Daynes tells the show: “Here is somebody who is plotting and scheming, and he’s thinking, ‘what can I do to conveniently get rid of my wife that won’t ever raise a suspicion?’”

"This is somebody who is thinking about himself and his own needs; he didn’t care about anybody else. Anybody else be damned.”

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