Tragic Amber Peat, 13, told teachers she was 'scared' to go home from school before she was found hanged

Amber Peat was discovered in bushes three days after she left her home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, after arguing with her parents about chores.

Her teacher Joanne Holland told the inquest she had to call Amber's mum on one occasion because the schoolgirl was too scared to go home.

Mrs Holland said she had found Amber sitting in the library at the end of the school day.

She told Nottinghamshire Coroner's Court: "She was worried about going home because she had lost the belt off her coat," BBC reports.

"She basically said she was scared she was going to get told off.

"I had to phone home and tell mum, 'It really is fine, we will find it'."

Amber had lived with her mum Kelly Peat and stepdad Daniel Peat before she went missing on 30 May 2015.

Mrs Holland had been Amber's form tutor when she came to Tibshelf Community School in September 2013.

She told the court Amber had tried to get attention from other students, which Mrs Holland suspected may have been because she wasn't getting enough attention at home.

The teacher said Amber would leave items in a classroom at the end of form time so she would have to come back and get it when a class of older students were in the room.

Older pupils would then pay attention to her because she was "small and cute".

She basically said she was scared she was going to get told off.

The inquest also heard how Amber regularly changed schools as she moved house "no less than 11 times" around Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

She left Tibshelf Community School before she'd even completed her first year there, worrying teachers.

Keeley Vardy, who taught Amber at Town End Junior School in Tibshelf, said Amber seemed sullen when she was there aged 11 in April 2013.

She added that she was concerned when Amber's mum asked to take her out of school during a week when Amber was supposed to be sitting SATs in May 2013.

Amber's parents were preparing to marry at the time and although Amber was said to be excited about wearing a nice dress, she was worried about missing the important exams.

She ultimately had the Friday off before the wedding at the weekend.

Ms Vardy also said she found Amber had not had anything to eat on the morning of her SATs and the head teacher at the school, Beverley Wilson, told the court Amber's mum was often late picking up and dropping off her children.

GP Paul Gadsden additionally said he had a consultation with Amber and her mum in 2013 about "behaviour issues".

This included Amber running away from home when she was told off for certain things.

And Dr Gadsden said Amber's stepfather had mental health issues and a borderline personality disorder.

He said Amber felt responsible for her stepdad's bad moods.

The inquest continues.


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