UK weather: ‘Gloomy’ start to Wednesday with rain to drench Britain as mercury hits 29C

UK weather: Uncomfortably muggy conditions expected

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According to the Met Office, there will be sunny spells and scattered showers in the north on Wednesday with some heavy ones later during the day. Met Office meteorologist Rachel Ayers said it would be “very warm to hot, and humid in the south east” but with “temperatures near average in the north west where it will also be windy”.

Forecaster Aidan McGivern added: “A cloudy gloomy start to Wednesday, a lot of clouds covering the hills of Wales and the south west.

“An area of rain pushes into the Midlands and central southern England then turns to showers and fades away before it affects the south east.

“So once again largely dry and another warm day 28C, 29C once the sun comes through.”

On Thursday, more rain will cover northern parts of the UK.

Wednesday will also bring the possibility of thunderstorms as showers move towards the south east across Wales and England.

Northern parts of the UK can also expect to see further showers on Thursday.

Ms Ayers said: “The next couple of days will see unsettled weather for parts of the UK, particularly in the north and west where there will be outbreaks of rain that could be heavy at times.

“In the south, it remains generally dry though there is a chance of some rain on Wednesday though this is unlikely to bring much rainfall to the far south coast and south east.

“It will be very warm to hot and humid over the next couple of days across the south east during the day and overnight, though from Thursday it will be more widely cooler and fresher for a couple of days.”

According to, rainfall is forecast to be well below normal, especially over much of England during this week.

Sunshine is expected to be well above average almost everywhere, with the possible exception of some eastern coastal parts of England.

The weather forecast suggested that the next week will be predominantly dry and sunny with high pressure dominating the weather.

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Terry Scholey, weather forecaster with said: “With the high pressure anomaly set to be centred over northern Britain, this dry sunny weather will frequently extend northwards into Scotland.

“Winds in the south and east will be predominantly north-easterly, which means that it will be cooler near North Sea coasts, especially in north-east England, where some low cloud may move in from the North Sea at times, chiefly affecting coastal fringes.

“Elsewhere, the emphasis will be on consistently, but not exceptionally, hot weather, with temperatures mostly into the mid to high 20s Celsius by day, peaking at around 30C at times in parts of the south.

“There is potential for another major heatwave to develop over France towards the end of the week, giving potential for more unusual heat to head into the south.”

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