Uniformed marines get into street brawl on Austin's Sixth street

Video shows Marines in massive brawl outside Austin, Texas, bar after a woman’s cell phone was taken

  • Marines and civilians were in a fight in front of Voodoo Room nightclub   
  • Several blows are exchanged and people are knocked to the ground
  • One bystander is cheering on the military men as police break up the quarrel

Video posted to social media shows the moment a nasty fight broke out between a group of uniformed Marines and civilians outside a Texas nightclub over the weekend.

The footage appears to show the groups outside the Voodoo Room on the historic Sixth Street of Austin’s entertainment district.

The altercation seems to start when one woman grabs a phone out of the hands of another and a Marine tries to intervene.

Then, a man in a white long-sleeve shirt attempts to throw a punch at a different Marine and misses, as a group of his fellow military men rush to his defense.

While some Marines try to separate the men as they curse at each other, tensions seem to escalate and an all-out brawl begins.


Video shows the moment a nasty fight broke out between a group of uniformed Marines and civilians outside an Austin nightclub

After the initial punch was throw by a civilian, the Marines came to their fellow military man’s defense 

The civilians and Marines exchange blows and several are knocked to the ground as Austin Police and Texas Highway Patrol officers start to break up the fight.

Bystanders cheered on the Marines, who appeared to far outnumber the civilians in the quarrel.

One man is heard chanting, ‘USA! USA!’ as officers work to break up the fight.

At least one man is seen being detained on the video. By the end of the video mounted police arrive and sirens are heard off camera.

In July, the Austin Police and Texas Department of Public Safety resumed a partnership to increase the police presence and deter crime on the popular downtown bar street. 

Austin Police Department did not return DailyMail.com’s request for more information about the altercation in time for this report. 

Many people reposted the video on social media and Twitter users shared their thoughts on the altercation.

‘This is why no one should be on 6th Street.. it’s chaos & no longer protected by law enforcement unless @TxDPS or military men happen to be in the area,’ user Brandi said. 

A poster named Dr. Waitman W. Beorn said, ‘I’m not the Marines’ biggest fan, but…punching one of them when there is a massive crowd of them there is a very bad idea.’

The fight turned into an all out brawl and one of the men was knocked to the ground

Austin Police and Texas Department of Public Safety quickly intervened. One person was seen being detained

Home to The University of Texas at Austin, which is ranked number nine in the country and number one in the state for public universities according to U.S. News & World Report, the city is a very popular spot for young people.

The Texas capital is projected to become one of the most populous cities in the country in 2100 based on current migration patterns. 

A forecast predicts Austin will see its population grow 10-fold from the current 2.3 million to almost 23 million by that time.

One recent study by Bankrate placed Austin as the best city to start a career, thanks to its burgeoning job market and quality of life.

However, downtown Austin business told CBS Austin that rising crime and homelessness is impacting public safety in the area. 

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