Vandal douses woman's car in paint and leaves Pokemon calling card

Bizarre vandal douses woman’s car in white paint and leaves Pokemon calling card saying ‘call for back-up’ in baffling ‘threat’

  • Ingrid from Portsmouth, Hampshire, has been subject of attacks since October 
  • On Sunday, the card was left under windshield wiper of her Volkswagen Beetle

A woman has been left shaken after a vandal doused her car in white paint and left a Pokemon card saying ‘Call for Backup’ in a baffling message that could be taken as a threat. 

Ingrid from Portsmouth, Hampshire, has been the subject of attacks since October 2022, when her car was first covered in white paint by an anonymous vandal, who wrote the name Donna on her bonnet.

On Sunday, Ingrid discovered that her Volkswagen Beetle had once again been subjected to a white paint attack. 

A Pokemon card with the name Klink was placed under her windshield wiper, emblazoned with the words ‘Call for Backup’.

Ingrid’s car was first covered in white paint by an anonymous vandal, who wrote the name Donna on her bonnet

A Pokemon card with the name Klink was placed under her windshield wiper, emblazoned with the words ‘Call for Backup’

The prison custody officer said it is a case of mistaken identity as Donna is the name of her neighbour. 

Footage taken from the houses of Ingrid and her neighbour shows an unidentified man throwing paint on top of her car at 3:20am on Sunday morning.

The man has his hood up and he is pacing back and forth in front of the row of houses.

He then walks round to the back of the houses, where the camera shows him drizzling white paint over the blue car.

Following the second vandalism attack, Ingrid emailed her local police force on Sunday in an attempt to solve the issue.

She wrote: ‘I feel the need to contact you both out of desperation. The ongoing saga of crime has been going on for me since 14 October 2022, but for my neighbour since approx June 2022.

‘My neighbour has two vans and a normal transit, the other is a catering van full of cooking oil which is parked around the back of our houses but next to my car which is parked on my own land.

‘Since last June they have been the target of a grudge someone has against him and his partner by having paint repeatedly thrown on his van.

‘This has been reported to the police. This is his issue so it’s his problem to deal with.’

Ingrid said that this is only the start of her ‘horror story’. 

She said that on October 14 last year she was woken up by her neighbour who informed her that her car had been ‘trashed’ with paint on her parking space, which is next to the van. 

She said that they had poured paint all over her car and wrote the name Donna in paint on the bonnet. 

Ingrid said she tried to supply the police with some information that might help them, including CCTV footage, which she hoped they would use to start investigating the crime.

Ingrid from Portsmouth, Hampshire, has been the subject of attacks since October 2022

She said the police told her that without CCTV they were not interested. 

She said she filed a complaint with Hampshire Police ‘for their lack of interest’ and it ‘got nowhere’.

Ingrid said she had to make a claim on her insurance, which resulted in her paying £100 excess and the insurer paying out approximately £1,000, adding that her annual premium has increased as a result of the claim.

Ingrid said: ‘The saga does not end there. I then parked my car right in front of my house with a camera on it.

‘On Sunday morning I was woken up by a phone call to say my car has been trashed again with white paint on a blue car.

‘This time I am unable to claim on my insurance.’

Ingrid said she then reported the matter to the police and obtained a crime reference number. 

She explained that she had a camera and that neighbours had also supplied some footage that might be helpful. 

She said this again resulted in no contact from the police.   

Ingrid said: ‘By chance a neighbourhood unit just happened to be by my house today so I spoke to them and they knew nothing about my crime report. They do now!

‘The end result of this is there are three victims involved in the web of crime – me and my neighbours Paul and Donna.

‘We’ve had repeated attacks, in my case because the culprit thinks my car belongs to them and has attacked my car twice, they also left a card on the windscreen which means “watch your back”.

‘There is also another victim who has had repeated attacks on her house.

‘You have three open crime cases all linked to the same culprit. Why is no one putting these cases together and cross-referencing them and putting time and effort into catching the person responsible?’

Ingrid said that all her immediate neighbours are now frightened and worried that the next step will be to set the catering van on fire, which could potentially endanger lives.

She said that this is stopping her from being able to enjoy her home and stay rested at night due to the threat of damage.

Speaking today Ingrid said: ‘I am worried and stressed about how this is going to stop.

‘I am not able to sleep. I’m angry and desperate for the police to get to grips with this and stop it.

‘I have had to take time off work as I had a bit of a meltdown on Sunday. I want my neighbours to move so hopefully they take the problem with them.’

She added: ‘My only light of this is a man called Craig who lives locally and has offered to try and restore the paintwork for free of charge as a gesture, I am gobsmacked by his offer to help.

‘I am either going to have to sell the car or build a garage which I have never needed before.’

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police said today: ‘We received a report on Friday 14 October 2022 shortly before 6.40am that a vehicle had been damaged on Lime Grove in Portsmouth.

‘We were called shortly after 6.20am on Sunday 5 February 2023 to a report of criminal damage outside of the same address.

‘It was reported on both occasions that a car had been vandalised with paint.

‘These incidents are currently under investigation and enquiries are underway to determine the circumstances.’

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